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India hands over 21,000 tonnes of fertiliser to Sri Lanka

2022-08-23 7767


India has been at the forefront of providing Sri Lanka with economic and humanitarian help

In keeping with its special support programme, India provided 21,000 tonnes of fertiliser to Sri Lanka on Monday. This is the second time in recent months that India has sent fertilisers to support the farmers of the crisis-ridden island nation.

The Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka tweeted about it and said, "Adding to the fragrance of friendship and cooperation. High Commissioner Gopal Baglay formally handed over 21,000 tonnes of fertiliser supplied under India's special support to the people of Sri Lanka. This follows 44,000 tonnes supplied last month under Indian support totalling about $ 4bn in 2022."

"The fertiliser will contribute to food security and support the farmers of Sri Lanka. It demonstrates benefits to the people from close ties with #India and mutual trust and goodwill between #India and #lanka," the High Commission added.

India has been at the forefront of providing Sri Lanka with economic help in accordance with its needs and has given the most support during a time of need.

In order to prevent any interruption to Sri Lanka's ongoing Yala farming season, India had assured Sri Lanka in May that it would provide 65,000 metric tonnes of urea. In Sri Lanka, the growing season for paddy runs from May to August.

Mass demonstrations began in the island nation from March onwards as people protested against the acute shortages of basic necessities, such as food and gasoline, as a result of an unprecedented economic crisis. Sri Lanka also witnessed a change in its political leadership due to the sustained protests.

The Indian government has provided multi-pronged support of over USD 3.8 billion to the Sri Lankan people during this year alone. This has been supplemented by independent initiatives of various hospitals, Indian community organizations in Sri Lanka and several other entities based in India who donated generously for their brethren in Sri Lanka.

The government of Tamil Nadu has also sent consignments of humanitarian assistance as part of a commitment to donate a total of 40,000 MT of rice, 500 MT of milk powder and more than 100 MT of medicines whose total worth is more than USD 22 million.


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