Friday 22nd of October 2021

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Lets defeat the Chinese excrement eaters

2021-09-29 5677


Chinese excrement fertilizer samples failed the second laboratory test too


 Open letter, addressed to all Sri Lankan citizens


 By Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon translated by Rumi Speelberg


Chinese excrement fertilizer samples also failed the second laboratory test. This was reported to the officials of the Ministry of Agriculture last Sunday.

However, throughout yesterday, top officials of the Ministry of Agriculture had been pressuring the Director General of the Department of Agriculture to introduce Chinese excrement fertilizer into Sri Lanka.

It should be protected from the greedy people who simply bid according to the commissions they can gain, while trying to destroy the fertile lands of Sri Lanka instead of being based on knowledge and the data. 

The current Secretary of Agriculture is trying to somehow get 20,000 MTs of Chinese excrement into the country in the next week. At present this consignment of excrement is being brought to Sri Lanka by ships. A number of samples of this fertilizer stock have now been tested around the world.

The second test, carried out in Sri Lanka on the sample which was exported on 22nd September revealed that it contained bacteria. It contains a species of Bacillus bacteria.

It is in this context that the Director General of Agriculture has been pressured by a number of parties to allow Chinese manure to be dumped into the country.

This mountain of Chinese excrement is being shouldered by a person who represented an organic fertilizer importing Company at a meeting held in “Nil Medura “Auditorium of the Colombo District Secretariat on 10.05.2021 at 9.30 a.m. and now is holding a high position at the Ministry.  He is fulfilling a political need.

This corrupt alliance is a businessman, a monk, and a medical union leader who sold the concept of organic farming to the government.

As you are well aware, former Agriculture Secretary Pushpakumara lost his post because he did not allow commission crows out of myths. I told you the same thing that day too. There was no objection from anyone in the first round. When you protested against it in the second round, Mr. Pushpakumara had lost his post.

Not only agricultural graduates, diploma holders, professionals but all those who love agriculture and the environment should be a force to protect the Director General of the Department of Agriculture. If not, the fate into which this corrupt alliance hurled the former Agriculture Secretary Pushpakumara will be inherited by the Director General. Take your protest to the public.

 Let's oppose the dumping of Chinese excrement in Sri Lanka. Together we will defeat the Chinese excrement eaters. !