Friday 14th of May 2021

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What is the fate of COVID 19 in the US

2020-11-20 1981
“Made in All of America”      A primer on Joe Biden’s fiscal and economic policies   After several

Kamala Harris Family Tree..!

2020-11-08 2654
What's the Difference Between Race & Ethnicity..?     Kamala Harris..! Her maternal ancestry is Jaffna..! Kamala Harris

Biden May Win, but Trump Remains the President of Red America

2020-11-06 2114
His attacks on “the rigged election” are a worst-case scenario for the country. For months, Joe Biden has

The US Presidential Election 2020

2020-11-06 2098
Joe Biden or Donald Trump..?   New Yorker prediction   The New Yorker endorses a Biden Presidency. What he must

MCC - SL can choose to accept or not – Mike Pompeo

2020-11-01 2088
US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo ended his visit and said he was able to

The Towering Lies of President Trump

2020-09-12 2461
-By Greg Weiner-   President Trump’s taped admission to Bob Woodward that he deliberately misled Americans about

‘Black Panther’ star Chadwick Boseman dies of cancer at 43

2020-08-29 2244
Actor Chadwick Boseman, who played Black icons Jackie Robinson and James Brown before finding fame

Canada Finance Minister Bill Morneau has resigned

2020-08-19 2145
Allegations for misusing welfare funds for foreign tours   Has the Prime Minister too misused this fund   Canada

Pranab Mukarjee hospitalized for COVID

2020-08-13 2336
He is on ventilators   A former President of India Pranab Mukarjee had been hospitalized to R.

Zimbabwe Parliament adjourned

2020-07-29 1676
Two MPs got infected COVID   Parliamentary activities of Zimbabwe came to a standstill along with two

Identification parade of Hijaz canceled

2020-06-25 1828
“Photo of Hijaz had been shown to identifiers” accused Defense Counsel   “Identifiers had been pressured by

COVID 19 genes had been in Italy before activation in China….!

2020-06-24 1581
Wuhan is not the Center of the spreading of the pandemic   Genes of COVID 19 virus

Oscar Award Ceremony postponed

2020-06-17 1766
The 93rd Oscar Award ceremony which was scheduled to be held in February 2021 had been

Corona back to New Zealand

2020-06-17 1780
Infection had come from England New Zealand recovered totally from COVID 19 pandemic. The virus has

68th Royal Anniversary not to be held

2020-06-15 1587
The 68th Royal Anniversary of Queen 2nd Elisabeth will not be held this year. This is the

Nirav Modi was arrested for a Bank Scam

2020-06-14 1575
All his valuables were brought back from Hong Kong   The Enforcement Directorate of India had taken

Belgiums Prince was fined for breaking Spains lockdown rules

2020-06-12 1565
No escape in law enforcement even for Kings   Prince Joachim of Belgium who arrived in Spain for

George Floyd’s death is a reminder that black voices are still ignore

2020-06-12 1550
Will protests make a difference..?   “I encourage people to start where they are with change”   “Start with

A brutal killing in northeastern Nigeria

2020-06-12 1570
At least 59 people had been killed in northeastern Nigeria in an attack carried out

8 Korean Beauty Secrets Every Girl Should Know

2020-06-09 1449
It’s a well-known fact that Koreans love their beauty routines. And it pays off! Whether

World Economic Outlook, April 2020: The Great Lockdown

2020-05-28 1577
The COVID-19 pandemic is inflicting high and rising human costs worldwide, and the necessary protection

Austrian President apologized for violating COVID 19 Law

2020-05-27 1418
With the spread of COVID 19 virus, Austria imposed strict rules as Italy to control

America to sue China for spreading COVID 19

2020-05-04 1624
United States President Donald Trump directly alleged World Health Organization for favoring China where the

India COVID-19 Cases Mount To 11,439, Death Toll 377

2020-04-15 1524
There continues to be a big spike in the number of coronavirus patients in the

No funding to WHO

2020-04-15 1539
US President Donald Trump had decided to halt funding the World Health Organization (WHO) yesterday

Two vaccines for corona

2020-04-15 1861
China has been successful in controlling the spreading of Corona virus in the country. Chinese

475 deaths on 18th March in Italy

2020-03-19 1567
211,853 had been infected On 18th March itself, the death toll of Corona outbreak in Italy

How to prevent Corona infection

2020-03-19 1730
Guidelines given by world Health Organization   Wash your hands frequently Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with

Coronavirus to leave deep impact on economy

2020-03-17 1566
WASHINGTON — From music festivals to sporting events, the cancellations that have accompanied the spread

Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson test positive for coronavirus in Australia

2020-03-12 1626
om Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have tested positive for coronavirus while in Australia

First Corona death in America

2020-03-02 1627
The first death due to infection of Corona virus was reported from Washington. The person

The United States is questioning the global role it once embraced

2020-03-02 1462
Wealth and power breed ambition, in countries as in people. Nations on the rise dream

Saudi prohibited countries to attend “ Umra” this year

2020-03-01 1386
Will this decision affect the Hajj festival too..?   The Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia has decided

Iranian Deputy Health Minister was diagnosed with Corona

2020-02-26 1450
The test carried out on Deputy Minister of Health , Iraj Harirchi, had confirmed that


2020-02-24 1439
Russia’s Federal Financial Monitoring Service “ Rosefinmonitorig” has relegated more than 200 Jehovah’s Witnesses to

Ukraine wants punishment compensation from Iran for downed plane

2020-01-11 1597
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that he expects a full investigation, a full admission

Ballistic missile attack on American Military Base in Iraq

2020-01-09 1609
Is it the beginning of the 3rd world war Iran will decide the next step on

Iran walked away from the nuclear agreement

2020-01-06 1584
Iran entered in to the nuclear agreement in 2015 with 6 countries including America and

People jumped to the sea for rescue

2019-12-31 1479
Australia wild fire is spreading deadly   The wild fire prevailing in Australia was severe yesterday in

Donald Trump lost the voting of his Impeachment

2019-12-19 1516
Can he win the Senate Trial   Will he lose the Presidency..?   An impeachment was brought against President

Vice President’s wife attempted to murder him

2019-12-18 1526
Took him to a Hotel instead of Hospital   Marry Mubaiwa, the wife of Zimbabwe's Vice President

Death sentence to former President Musharraf

2019-12-18 1489
Can he escape the ruling   A three-member special court in Islamabad on Tuesday ( 17) convicted

Prime Minister Boris Johnson hails victory in UK General Elections

2019-12-13 1451
UK will leave European Union on January 31   Jeremy Corbyn is to walk out from the

Decisive Election to England

2019-12-12 1537
Will Brexit change the result..?   The Parliamentary election of England will be held today which is

Sana Marin becomes the world’s youngest Prime Minister

2019-12-10 1745
Sanna Marin of Finland became the world’s youngest sitting Prime Minister at the age of

Another pathetic rape in India

2019-12-09 1411
She was set fire on her way to courts   A 27 year old Veterinarian was raped,

The Neighbors were celebrating the death by lighting crackers

2019-12-07 1462
4 suspects were shot dead by the Police..!   A Veterinary Surgeon of 27 years was raped

15 people were killed in a Church

2019-12-03 1571
What is the motive of the attack..?   An unidentified Gunmen fired at a service of a

Why did Usman Khan stabbe people..?

2019-12-02 1522
  ISIS Terorists have undertaken the responsibility of London attack..!   28 years old, Usman Khan stabed few

Why did Iraqi Prime Minister resign..?

2019-12-02 1535
  Iraqi Parliament accepted the resignation..!   Iraqi residents have been in a protest from October this year

Protest against Malta Prime Minister..!

2019-12-02 1419
  Daphne Caruana Galizia was a leading investigative Journalist of Malta who died in Car Bomb

What is the reason for protests in Iraq

2019-11-28 1387
Iran consul office was set fire..! Iraqi residents started protests against the government for increasing poverty,

Invitation to Trump for the impeachment

2019-11-29 1489
Why did Trump want Ukrainian support for 2020 Election..?   An impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump was

Was popular Singer Goo Hara murdered..?

2019-11-25 1386
  Dead body was found by Neighbors..!   Goo Hara came to the peak of her popularity as

Hong Kong Democrats won the Election..!

2019-11-25 1348
  A clear message to China about their rejection..!   The democratic oriented opposition parties got a landslide

Hong Kong became paralyzed..!

2019-11-20 1370
  No solution to the continued protests..!   All schools had been closed..!   In the month of June, a

Another attack by ISIS soon..!

2019-11-20 1460
Will the mission “break down the fences” become a reality….?   The leaders of the ISIS are

Bad time to Terrorist Leaders

2019-11-14 1431
Leader of “Islamic Jihad” Baha Abu Al- Ata was killed   Israelite forces had launched offensives on

Why did Lebanon Prime Minister resign from the post..?

2019-11-13 1731
  Lebanon has been suffering from a financial crisis for some time and the government rather

Iranian crude oil volume to be increased by 300%

2019-11-13 1299
new oil deposit had been explored…!   A 2400 Km spread Crude oil deposit had been explored

Court fined Trump $2 million for misusing money of his charity foundation

2019-11-12 96825
His children to attend a mandatory Training……!   The United States President Donald Trump had used money

What is the controversy involved with the-Ayodya-Land

2019-11-10 1428
  Around 2000 people had been killed in clashes up to now.   In 1949, three parties got

Luiz Lula was freed

2019-11-10 1371
  I will prove my innocent soon…!   Former Brazilian President of Luiz Lula who was imprisoned for

-Urge-which disappeared in 1942 was explored

2019-11-09 1376
  42 passengers died together as a result of a blast..!   The discovery was a result of

ISIS leader’s spouse was apprehended by Turkey’s forces

2019-11-08 1419
Abu Bakar had 3 wives , revealed his brother in law …!   The leader of the

A to Z of the American Operation that killed IS Mastermind Assassin

2019-10-30 1446
 “He died as a dog…. He died as a coward” -Donald Trump-   “Trump will get the

Will ISIS come to end with his death..?

2019-10-29 1658
The most wanted man in the world took his own life…!   Will ISIS come to end

How did Johnson lose again ?

2019-10-29 1318
What happens next? Will an election sort out Brexit though? The UK parliament has just rejected Boris

Turkey s Erdogan vows to crush heads of Kurdish fighters

2019-10-20 1379
What did Erdogan say?   What prompted the offensive?   What is the latest with the ceasefire?     Turkish President Recep

Why America imposed sanction on Turkey..?

2019-10-16 1335
Why Turkey has been launching offensive in Southern Syria..?   Can Americas sanction stop Turkey’s offensive..?   Irrespective of

Why did the bodyguard who served 3 Popes resign ?

2019-10-16 1451
Pope Francis' chief bodyguard resigned Monday over a leak related to an ongoing financial investigation,

Politicians, this is what happen if you do not keep your promises

2019-10-11 1367
Angry farmers abducted the Mayor    Jorge Luis Escandón Hernández of Las Margaritas of Mexico in his

Why was the UK Parliament suspended..?

2019-10-10 1230
Why is this suspension controversial..?   Does Johnson want an election..?     The UK's Brexit Saga entered a new

Can Donald Trump possibly win 45 states in 2020..?

2019-10-10 1389
At a meeting of White House senior staff last week, acting White House chief of

No force can stop the Chinese..!

2019-10-01 1541
Celebrating 70 years of Communist Power..!   Beijing is marking 70 years since the Communist Party came

Companies of Europe and Asia to end their economic engagements with Iran…!

2019-09-27 1381
Tense U.S.-Iran Relations Have Put the Middle East on the brink..!   How Saudi Arabia trying to

Largest polar expedition in history to probe Arctic climate..!

2019-09-23 1272
A team of scientists from 19 countries will set off for the Arctic on Friday,

PM Modi meets mother Heeraben in Gandhinagar on his 69th birthday..!

2019-09-17 1321
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday (17) met his mother Heeraben in Gandhinagar on the

15 Facts about the Kashmir Conflict..!

2019-09-12 1272
Kashmir has been in the headlines recently. Here are 15 facts about the conflict. Fact 1:

Is the trade war a worrying sign of a new U.S-China relationship..!

2019-08-02 1384
With bilateral trade between the U.S. and China, estimated to be worth $710 billion a