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Ruling party wins Japanese General Election

2021-11-02 6773
  A great victory to Fumio Kishida   No need to form an Alliance   (Sujith Mangala De Silva and

Is China a debt trapper..?

2021-10-09 6722
  Or a big extravagant..?   China and Global Development Projects   (Sujith Mangala De Silva and Rumi Speelberg) The latest

Will the Peoples Republic of China conquer Taiwan..?

2021-10-07 6683
  Will there be a war between America and China..?     (Dayapala Thiranagama–Translated by Rumi Speelberg)   Following the victory

Protests across the country demanding the removal of the President of Brazil

2021-10-04 6608
  “He failed to control COVID-19” – opposition parties   Six Hundred Thousand lost their life due to

Olaf Scholz won the German General Election..? 

2021-09-28 6723
  "We will never break public trust" - Olaf Scholz    Who will be the  next Chancellor..?    (Achintha Madura

No females in the expanded Cabinet of Taliban

2021-09-22 6703
  “Females will be permitted schooling and working” - Zabihullah Mujahid   (Hemantha Thusitha kumara)   The Taliban administration had

A 6.0 magnitude earthquake has rattled Melbourne

2021-09-22 6555
  No injuries reported so far   (Lumbini Pramodya)   The earthquake of a magnitude of 6.0 happened about 09:15

We don’t accept a government without female representation -Afghan females-  

2021-09-10 6607
After capturing the power of Afghanistan by the Taliban, they formed an Interim government which

Ida killed Nine Americans

2021-09-03 6750
9 Americans had been killed in floods and hurricanes, caused by Ida in New York

India’s first diplomat discussion with Taliban

2021-09-01 5837
No any form of harm to India      India held a diplomatic discussion for the first

Protests in the Netherlands against the arrival of Afghan refugees

2021-08-27 5837
Netherland government has facilitated Afghans by setting settlers   (Lumbini Pramdya)   With the Taliban capturing power of Afghanistan,

“No more aids to Afghanistan” - World Bank 

2021-08-27 5834
“COVID 19- vaccination has dropped by 80 percent” - . UNICEF   IMF suspended aid to Afghanistan   (Achintha

The political direction of the Taliban administration..!

2021-08-24 5828
  The United States’ stance over the change of the political structure in Afghanistan   Will the Taliban

In our effort to evacuate civilians from Afghanistan, there can be mistakes President Joe Biden

2021-08-23 5843
  18 US commercial flights are deployed in evacuation   28,000 have already been evacuated   After Taliban millions captured

What is happening in Afghanistan after the Talibans taking over..?

2021-08-16 5841
  ‘War is over in Afghanistan’ - Taliban   “We want to live peacefully with the international community”

People protest against the deploying of Army in the locked down Sydney city

2021-08-09 5838
  People have lost the trust placed on the government   “ We are treated as lower-class people”   With

Afghan’s major city Kunduz captured

2021-08-09 5839
  Taliban militants have captured the northern Afghan city of Kunduz after heavy fighting with Afghan

Worldwide COVID infections and deaths have gone up by 80 percent

2021-08-02 5839
  A severe dearth of oxygen in 29 countries     World Health Organization   The number of COVID –

Afghan Army Chief’s visit to India postponed

2021-07-28 5836
  Afghan Army Chief, General Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai has scheduled to visit India this week several

Tunisian Prime Minister fired

2021-07-27 5845
    “The government could not control COVID pandemic” – Protesters     Why did President Kais too join the

A curfew has been imposed across Afghanistan

2021-07-26 5838
  Half of the country has been acquired by Taliban Extremists   Fighting between Taliban extremists and Afghan

evidence of an untreatable fungus spreading

2021-07-24 5850
  U.S. health officials said Thursday(22) they now have evidence of an untreatable fungus spreading in

Why was the Creative Director sacked by Olympics

2021-07-23 5849
  “Mass killings are not jokes”    “We cannot employ a person of that nature in Olympics” –

Can the Nigeria President stop abductions?  

2021-07-22 5826
    Why were 100 victims released without ransom?   Why state officers were silent about releasing further details   A

Tunisias Health Minister fired

2021-07-22 5835
  Vaccination process started in March Only 5% of the population had been vaccinated so far.   Tunisia's Prime

British Health Minister tested COVID -19 positive..!

2021-07-19 5824
  Prime Minister Boris and Finance Secretary Sunak tried to escape quarantine   British Secretary Minister, Sajid Javeed

Indonesia has overtaken India

2021-07-16 5839
  (Hemantha Thusitha Kumara)   On Wednesday (14), the number of COVID – 19 patients reached 54,517 in

Fire in a COVID ward in Iraq

2021-07-14 5844
  Second fire in the same country due to the same reason   In a fire, took place

Oxygen dearth in Indonesia

2021-07-12 5835
  (Hemantha Thusitha Kumara)   63 patients at a Hospital in Java died on Saturday night and Sunday

28 killed in plane crash in Russia

2021-07-07 5842
  (Hemantha Thusitha Kumara)   28 passengers were killed when an An-26 plane crashed in the Kamchatka region

Taal volcano is in danger of erupting

2021-07-02 5850
  (Hemantha Thusitha Kumara)   Authorities in the Philippines began evacuating thousands of people on Thursday after raising

A large gathering to excavate Diamond A gift of fate

2021-06-22 5836
There has been a turmoil situation in KwaHlathi region, a rural area in South Africa

Benjamin Netanyahu to go home

2021-06-14 5845
Bennett in -Netanyahu out   All by single vote margin   Ending the long time reign of Benjamin Netanyahu,

Kyrgyzstan former Prime Minister arrested for corruption

2021-06-02 5853
A Canadian Company had been fined $ 3 billion environmental prolusions The State Committee for National

The impact of COVID-19 on world foreign policies

2021-05-28 5861
  Is economic corporation or scientific corporation that countries require most..?   Is ZOOM domination of the physical

What is the fate of COVID 19 in the US

2020-11-20 5871
“Made in All of America”      A primer on Joe Biden’s fiscal and economic policies   After several

Kamala Harris Family Tree..!

2020-11-08 5915
What's the Difference Between Race & Ethnicity..?     Kamala Harris..! Her maternal ancestry is Jaffna..! Kamala Harris

Biden May Win, but Trump Remains the President of Red America

2020-11-06 5881
His attacks on “the rigged election” are a worst-case scenario for the country. For months, Joe Biden has

The US Presidential Election 2020

2020-11-06 5861
Joe Biden or Donald Trump..?   New Yorker prediction   The New Yorker endorses a Biden Presidency. What he must

MCC - SL can choose to accept or not – Mike Pompeo

2020-11-01 5864
US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo ended his visit and said he was able to

The Towering Lies of President Trump

2020-09-12 5878
-By Greg Weiner-   President Trump’s taped admission to Bob Woodward that he deliberately misled Americans about

‘Black Panther’ star Chadwick Boseman dies of cancer at 43

2020-08-29 5872
Actor Chadwick Boseman, who played Black icons Jackie Robinson and James Brown before finding fame

Canada Finance Minister Bill Morneau has resigned

2020-08-19 5842
Allegations for misusing welfare funds for foreign tours   Has the Prime Minister too misused this fund   Canada

Pranab Mukarjee hospitalized for COVID

2020-08-13 5874
He is on ventilators   A former President of India Pranab Mukarjee had been hospitalized to R.

Zimbabwe Parliament adjourned

2020-07-29 5847
Two MPs got infected COVID   Parliamentary activities of Zimbabwe came to a standstill along with two

Identification parade of Hijaz canceled

2020-06-25 5859
“Photo of Hijaz had been shown to identifiers” accused Defense Counsel   “Identifiers had been pressured by

COVID 19 genes had been in Italy before activation in China….!

2020-06-24 5828
Wuhan is not the Center of the spreading of the pandemic   Genes of COVID 19 virus

Oscar Award Ceremony postponed

2020-06-17 5849
The 93rd Oscar Award ceremony which was scheduled to be held in February 2021 had been

Corona back to New Zealand

2020-06-17 5846
Infection had come from England New Zealand recovered totally from COVID 19 pandemic. The virus has

68th Royal Anniversary not to be held

2020-06-15 5836
The 68th Royal Anniversary of Queen 2nd Elisabeth will not be held this year. This is the

Nirav Modi was arrested for a Bank Scam

2020-06-14 5839
All his valuables were brought back from Hong Kong   The Enforcement Directorate of India had taken

Belgiums Prince was fined for breaking Spains lockdown rules

2020-06-12 5840
No escape in law enforcement even for Kings   Prince Joachim of Belgium who arrived in Spain for

George Floyd’s death is a reminder that black voices are still ignore

2020-06-12 5827
Will protests make a difference..?   “I encourage people to start where they are with change”   “Start with

A brutal killing in northeastern Nigeria

2020-06-12 5835
At least 59 people had been killed in northeastern Nigeria in an attack carried out

8 Korean Beauty Secrets Every Girl Should Know

2020-06-09 5829
It’s a well-known fact that Koreans love their beauty routines. And it pays off! Whether

World Economic Outlook, April 2020: The Great Lockdown

2020-05-28 5833
The COVID-19 pandemic is inflicting high and rising human costs worldwide, and the necessary protection

Austrian President apologized for violating COVID 19 Law

2020-05-27 5833
With the spread of COVID 19 virus, Austria imposed strict rules as Italy to control

America to sue China for spreading COVID 19

2020-05-04 5836
United States President Donald Trump directly alleged World Health Organization for favoring China where the

India COVID-19 Cases Mount To 11,439, Death Toll 377

2020-04-15 5833
There continues to be a big spike in the number of coronavirus patients in the

No funding to WHO

2020-04-15 5832
US President Donald Trump had decided to halt funding the World Health Organization (WHO) yesterday

Two vaccines for corona

2020-04-15 5833
China has been successful in controlling the spreading of Corona virus in the country. Chinese

475 deaths on 18th March in Italy

2020-03-19 5833
211,853 had been infected On 18th March itself, the death toll of Corona outbreak in Italy

How to prevent Corona infection

2020-03-19 5834
Guidelines given by world Health Organization   Wash your hands frequently Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with

Coronavirus to leave deep impact on economy

2020-03-17 5834
WASHINGTON — From music festivals to sporting events, the cancellations that have accompanied the spread

Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson test positive for coronavirus in Australia

2020-03-12 5831
om Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have tested positive for coronavirus while in Australia

First Corona death in America

2020-03-02 5847
The first death due to infection of Corona virus was reported from Washington. The person

The United States is questioning the global role it once embraced

2020-03-02 5828
Wealth and power breed ambition, in countries as in people. Nations on the rise dream

Saudi prohibited countries to attend “ Umra” this year

2020-03-01 5836
Will this decision affect the Hajj festival too..?   The Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia has decided

Iranian Deputy Health Minister was diagnosed with Corona

2020-02-26 5832
The test carried out on Deputy Minister of Health , Iraj Harirchi, had confirmed that


2020-02-24 5835
Russia’s Federal Financial Monitoring Service “ Rosefinmonitorig” has relegated more than 200 Jehovah’s Witnesses to

Ukraine wants punishment compensation from Iran for downed plane

2020-01-11 5828
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that he expects a full investigation, a full admission

Ballistic missile attack on American Military Base in Iraq

2020-01-09 5833
Is it the beginning of the 3rd world war Iran will decide the next step on

Iran walked away from the nuclear agreement

2020-01-06 5833
Iran entered in to the nuclear agreement in 2015 with 6 countries including America and

People jumped to the sea for rescue

2019-12-31 5830
Australia wild fire is spreading deadly   The wild fire prevailing in Australia was severe yesterday in

Donald Trump lost the voting of his Impeachment

2019-12-19 5832
Can he win the Senate Trial   Will he lose the Presidency..?   An impeachment was brought against President

Vice President’s wife attempted to murder him

2019-12-18 5830
Took him to a Hotel instead of Hospital   Marry Mubaiwa, the wife of Zimbabwe's Vice President

Death sentence to former President Musharraf

2019-12-18 5836
Can he escape the ruling   A three-member special court in Islamabad on Tuesday ( 17) convicted

Prime Minister Boris Johnson hails victory in UK General Elections

2019-12-13 5830
UK will leave European Union on January 31   Jeremy Corbyn is to walk out from the

Decisive Election to England

2019-12-12 5833
Will Brexit change the result..?   The Parliamentary election of England will be held today which is

Sana Marin becomes the world’s youngest Prime Minister

2019-12-10 5838
Sanna Marin of Finland became the world’s youngest sitting Prime Minister at the age of

Another pathetic rape in India

2019-12-09 5830
She was set fire on her way to courts   A 27 year old Veterinarian was raped,

The Neighbors were celebrating the death by lighting crackers

2019-12-07 5832
4 suspects were shot dead by the Police..!   A Veterinary Surgeon of 27 years was raped

15 people were killed in a Church

2019-12-03 5841
What is the motive of the attack..?   An unidentified Gunmen fired at a service of a

Why did Usman Khan stabbe people..?

2019-12-02 5831
  ISIS Terorists have undertaken the responsibility of London attack..!   28 years old, Usman Khan stabed few

Why did Iraqi Prime Minister resign..?

2019-12-02 5832
  Iraqi Parliament accepted the resignation..!   Iraqi residents have been in a protest from October this year

Protest against Malta Prime Minister..!

2019-12-02 5819
  Daphne Caruana Galizia was a leading investigative Journalist of Malta who died in Car Bomb

What is the reason for protests in Iraq

2019-11-28 5830
Iran consul office was set fire..! Iraqi residents started protests against the government for increasing poverty,

Invitation to Trump for the impeachment

2019-11-29 5831
Why did Trump want Ukrainian support for 2020 Election..?   An impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump was

Was popular Singer Goo Hara murdered..?

2019-11-25 5833
  Dead body was found by Neighbors..!   Goo Hara came to the peak of her popularity as

Hong Kong Democrats won the Election..!

2019-11-25 5820
  A clear message to China about their rejection..!   The democratic oriented opposition parties got a landslide

Hong Kong became paralyzed..!

2019-11-20 5818
  No solution to the continued protests..!   All schools had been closed..!   In the month of June, a

Another attack by ISIS soon..!

2019-11-20 5821
Will the mission “break down the fences” become a reality….?   The leaders of the ISIS are

Bad time to Terrorist Leaders

2019-11-14 5831
Leader of “Islamic Jihad” Baha Abu Al- Ata was killed   Israelite forces had launched offensives on

Why did Lebanon Prime Minister resign from the post..?

2019-11-13 5830
  Lebanon has been suffering from a financial crisis for some time and the government rather

Iranian crude oil volume to be increased by 300%

2019-11-13 5819
new oil deposit had been explored…!   A 2400 Km spread Crude oil deposit had been explored

Court fined Trump $2 million for misusing money of his charity foundation

2019-11-12 5833
His children to attend a mandatory Training……!   The United States President Donald Trump had used money

What is the controversy involved with the-Ayodya-Land

2019-11-10 5829
  Around 2000 people had been killed in clashes up to now.   In 1949, three parties got

Luiz Lula was freed

2019-11-10 5836
  I will prove my innocent soon…!   Former Brazilian President of Luiz Lula who was imprisoned for

-Urge-which disappeared in 1942 was explored

2019-11-09 5831
  42 passengers died together as a result of a blast..!   The discovery was a result of

ISIS leader’s spouse was apprehended by Turkey’s forces

2019-11-08 5830
Abu Bakar had 3 wives , revealed his brother in law …!   The leader of the

A to Z of the American Operation that killed IS Mastermind Assassin

2019-10-30 5828
 “He died as a dog…. He died as a coward” -Donald Trump-   “Trump will get the

Will ISIS come to end with his death..?

2019-10-29 5831
The most wanted man in the world took his own life…!   Will ISIS come to end

How did Johnson lose again ?

2019-10-29 5836
What happens next? Will an election sort out Brexit though? The UK parliament has just rejected Boris

Turkey s Erdogan vows to crush heads of Kurdish fighters

2019-10-20 5831
What did Erdogan say?   What prompted the offensive?   What is the latest with the ceasefire?     Turkish President Recep

Why America imposed sanction on Turkey..?

2019-10-16 5835
Why Turkey has been launching offensive in Southern Syria..?   Can Americas sanction stop Turkey’s offensive..?   Irrespective of

Why did the bodyguard who served 3 Popes resign ?

2019-10-16 5829
Pope Francis' chief bodyguard resigned Monday over a leak related to an ongoing financial investigation,

Politicians, this is what happen if you do not keep your promises

2019-10-11 5827
Angry farmers abducted the Mayor    Jorge Luis Escandón Hernández of Las Margaritas of Mexico in his

Why was the UK Parliament suspended..?

2019-10-10 5828
Why is this suspension controversial..?   Does Johnson want an election..?     The UK's Brexit Saga entered a new

Can Donald Trump possibly win 45 states in 2020..?

2019-10-10 5829
At a meeting of White House senior staff last week, acting White House chief of

No force can stop the Chinese..!

2019-10-01 5822
Celebrating 70 years of Communist Power..!   Beijing is marking 70 years since the Communist Party came

Companies of Europe and Asia to end their economic engagements with Iran…!

2019-09-27 5828
Tense U.S.-Iran Relations Have Put the Middle East on the brink..!   How Saudi Arabia trying to

Largest polar expedition in history to probe Arctic climate..!

2019-09-23 5818
A team of scientists from 19 countries will set off for the Arctic on Friday,

PM Modi meets mother Heeraben in Gandhinagar on his 69th birthday..!

2019-09-17 5820
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday (17) met his mother Heeraben in Gandhinagar on the

15 Facts about the Kashmir Conflict..!

2019-09-12 5816
Kashmir has been in the headlines recently. Here are 15 facts about the conflict. Fact 1:

Is the trade war a worrying sign of a new U.S-China relationship..!

2019-08-02 5817
With bilateral trade between the U.S. and China, estimated to be worth $710 billion a