Tuesday 23rd of July 2024

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Opportunities For System Change Open Up

2024-06-30 14669
  (Dr Jehan Perera) The demand for “system change” that was a key slogan of the Aragalaya

Uncertainty About Elections Can Cause Instability

2024-06-16 14629
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The petrol and gas queues are gone, but economic statistics paint a grim

Political Solution Is Missing Part Of Reconciliation

2024-06-09 14594
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The 15th anniversary of the end of the war has made it clear

Second Bid To Extricate From UNHRC Resolution Likely To Fail

2024-05-06 14422
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   In March 2020, the Sri Lankan government under President Gotabaya Rajapaksa bSecond Bid

Challenges Beneath The Surface Of Peace & Normalcy In Northern Sri Lanka

2024-04-24 14349
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   Fifteen years after the end of the war in the north and east,

Conundrum Of Elections & IMF Programme

2024-04-04 14442
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   Tracing history and going back to the colonial era, President Ranil Wickremesinghe has

Repeating the Same Mistake

2024-04-02 14508
  (Victor Ivan)   The atmospheric heat is rising .So is the political heat of the country. Along

Frustration In The North Amidst Reconciliation Rhetoric

2024-04-02 14389
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The frustration within the Tamil polity at the failure of the government to

Forge National Unity Based On Inclusion Than Exclusion

2024-03-20 14386
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The northern town of Vavuniya which was once at the front lines of

The Hardware & Software Of Reconciliation

2024-03-12 13995
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   President Ranil Wickremesinghe addressing a conference of over 300 members from inter-religious committees

Risk Of Repeating The Past Continues

2024-03-07 14000
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict appears stagnant though with a supportive international environment. The

Choice Of Elections Or Abolition Of Presidency

2024-03-07 13987
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   Even as the date for the presidential elections approaches, there are increased speculations

Rise & Fall Of Nationalism In North & South

2024-02-05 13998
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The election of Sivagnanam Shritharan as president of the ITAK has the potential

JVPs Second Insurrection a Retrospective Look  

2024-01-21 14054
  (Victor Ivan)   Now Sri Lanka is approaching an election year. With the acute balance of payments

Reconciliation Does Not Come Through Institutions Alone But Through Sincerity

2024-01-19 14024
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The government is proceeding at speed on its course of legislative activism with

Pragmatism Needs Fairness To Be Statesmanlike

2024-01-19 14063
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   Morality is being concerned about the wellbeing of others and ensuring the common

Deyyandara God runs without clothes

2024-01-16 14053
  Famous Journalist Siri Ranasinghe, who is known as Diyyandara God who sat on the throne

Countries cannot be built by magic without efforts to eliminate waste and corruption

2024-01-03 14021
   Some did not make use of my 30-year experience, but Gota gave me the Ambassadorship    

Ground Discontents Not Removed By Reconciliation Moves

2023-12-13 14030
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   A group of Tamil Diaspora members from western countries have been in Sri

The irrevocable responsibility that was given to Karu by Ven Sobitha thero

2023-12-06 14013
It is very clear to everyone that the year 2024 is an election year. Some

Prioritising National Interest In Navigating Geopolitical Waters

2023-11-16 14035
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The Port of Colombo is the largest and busiest transshipment port in the

Late But Still Not Too Late

2023-11-09 14021
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The government is coming up with many new laws, some of which have

Akin To Fiddling When Rome Is Burning

2023-11-09 13989
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The national priority ought to be reviving the economy, getting the production process

Regular Elections Are The Foundation Of Democratic Society

2023-10-30 13990
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   There is a time frame beyond which those in power may not go,

Understanding Ranils contribution in the crisis

2023-10-14 13983
  (By Dinesh Weerakkody)   The President’s viral video clip with the German television network DW unfortunately resulted


2023-10-01 13976
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The Channel 4 documentary that claims to give the story behind the Easter

Legitimacy Deficit Haunts Government

2023-10-01 13967
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The country to which President Ranil Wickremesinghe returned after his international successes in

System Change Happening In Wrong Direction

2023-09-13 13971
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The system change the protest movement sought was focused on ending corruption seen

Politically Strategic Or Principled Decisionmaking In The National Interest..?

2023-09-04 13970
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   It is disappointing that the hopes that were generated a year ago by

President Provides Leadership To Reconciliation & Needs To Gain Trust

2023-08-17 13977
  (Dr Jehan Perera) The government appears to be giving considerable attention to the national reconciliation process

Nation Cast Out Of Paradise Reemerges

2023-08-17 14000
  (Dr Jehan Perera) A little publicized march wended its way from Talaimannar in the north-west coast

Black July Fiasco Highlights No Trust In Government

2023-07-28 14014
  (Dr Jehan Perera) President Ranil Wickremesinghe has announced that he will convene a meeting with all

Speeding Up Recovery Requires Consistency

2023-07-19 14023
  (Dr Jehan Perera) It is now over four months since the local government elections were postponed

The International Priority To Be Heeded

2023-07-17 14025
  (Dr Jehan Perera) The stock market boomed after the much awaited domestic debt restructuring programme (DDR),

Non-Recurrence Requires Accountability

2023-07-07 14029
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   President Ranil Wickremesinghe notched up another achievement when parliament ratified the Domestic Debt

Overstressing The Proposed Truth & Reconciliation Commission

2023-06-30 14015
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The ongoing session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva is proof

Time Is Ripe To End Ancient Hatreds

2023-06-15 14022
The arrest of parliamentarian and leader of the Tamil National People’s Front Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam would

Parliamentary Support Required For Effective Recovery

2023-05-30 14011
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   With less than a year and half to the presidential elections, President Ranil

Dream Team For National Reconciliation

2023-05-26 13995
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s remarks on May 18 that “Canada will not

The Sri Lankan minds must be veteran to understand Ravi

2023-05-18 13997
  An Hour with Ravi   ( Ashoka Jayatunga)   The wrong image that comes to some people's mind when

People Called On To Play Direct Role To Sustain Democracy

2023-05-18 13976
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The government has withdrawn its draft Anti Terrorist law (ATA), but only temporarily.

Preparing Or Posturing For Elections..?

2023-05-18 13963
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The discussions that President Ranil Wickremesinghe has commenced with the Tamil parties in

Preparing The Ground For Early Elections

2023-05-04 13964
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The government appears to be bent on creating a mood swing in anticipation


2023-04-20 13968
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The government has decided to present its proposed Anti Terrorism Act (ATA) to

Equal talents or opportunities to develop equal talents most important..?

2023-04-08 13965
  How to establish Egalitarianism   Humanism without a strong sense of justice, acceptance and egalitarianism..?   (Deshapriya Nanayakkara)   All of

Playing with the Crisis

2023-04-06 13964
  (Victor Ivan)   Though the socio- political atmosphere in Sri Lanka is replete with  struggles following the

Preoccupation With Repression Will Be Counter Productive

2023-04-06 13966
  (Jehan Perera) President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s stock is rising high in the higher echelons of society where

From Demand For Systems Change To Systems Break

2023-04-05 13966
  A year after the protest movement took off into a mammoth public display of the

Second Aragalaya In The Making

2023-03-18 13969
  (Jehan Perera) The unraveling of the economy at the beginning of 2022 had its immediate impact

Resisting Elections Will Worsen Dissent

2023-03-03 13975
  (Jehan Perera) Government supporters appear to be satisfied at the masterful manner by which they believe

Did the opposition recognize the terrible challenge posed by Ranil Rajapksha in public..?

2023-02-27 13980
  If it is recognized, be reconciled..!   Defeating Ranil Rajapaksha is the challenge of the day for

Awaiting The Supreme Court’s Guidance On Elections

2023-02-23 13985
  (Jehan Perera)   The local government elections are unlikely to take place as scheduled on March 9.

A Further Erosion Of Moral Legitimacy With Blocking Elections

2023-02-17 13990
  (Jehan Perera)   There was Solomon-like wisdom in the Supreme Court’s decision with regard to the local

Celebration Of Independence Day Could Have Been Done Differently

2023-02-11 13989
  (Jehan Perera)   The government celebrated the 75th Anniversary of its independence from colonial rule under tight

Accountability Issues & Human Rights Cannot Be Glossed Over

2023-01-18 13989
   (Jehan Perera)   The government’s proposal to set up a truth and reconciliation mechanism to deal with

Reconciliation Also Needs Accountability To Be Viable

2023-01-05 14043
 (Jehan Perera) President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s pledge to resolve the country’s long standing ethnic conflict by Independence

Presidents two main challenges-Accountability and reconciliation

2022-12-28 14059
  (By Jehan Perera)   The night bus to Jaffna was also fully booked. Those who had returned

Human Rights Protection Requires More Inclusive Approach

2022-12-20 14042
  (Jehan Perera)    The past week was devoted to the hosting of human rights events by a

Political Solution Before Next Independence Day

2022-12-13 14141
  Privatizing profit making SOEs..a solution..?   What to do to build our reserves..?   (By Jehan Perera)   The passage of

 The acute crisis faced by the country is political illiteracy

2022-09-06 14064
  The country failed because of political illiteracy      (By Desapriya Nanayakkara) How to prevent state failure is an

Should fight to get a General election

2022-07-27 14101
       - Anura Kumara Dissanayake-   Leader of the Jathika Jana Balawegaya , Anura Kumara Dissanayake

Sajith cannot do alone

2022-07-17 14131
  No alternative than a common candidate   The opposition should not cut the path of its own

If Ranil steps down, the Premiership will be accepted

2022-07-08 14221
     (Heshan Sampath)   Leader of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna and Jathika Jana Balawegaya , Anura Kumara Dissanayake,

Alleviating the burden of the crisis

2022-06-29 14170
    The country is at an edge of abyss   The ruling party should be removed within a

 “Still there is no solution to the current crisis in Parliament” Anura Kumara Dissanayake

2022-06-24 14005
    (Erandi Anuradha)   Leader of the Jathika Jana Balawegaya , Anura Kumara Dissanayake said in Parliament on

Self-ruination or Salvation

2022-06-11 14088
  (Victor Ivan)   Sri Lanka is on the verge of falling into a dangerous and deeper abyss

Anarchy is more dangerous than Dictatorship

2022-05-30 14537
  It is two uprising that lunged us to this devastation   Death toll of the two insurrections

A proposal to overcome the crisis in Sri Lanka

2022-05-26 14041
  Start with amending the Constitution   Judiciary should be above presidency    All-party interim government until a new Legislative

A loving call from Ajantha De Zoysa to the lovely struggle..!

2022-05-25 13993
  “Let's divide power- without dividing the country”   Let us take India as an example   No development without

What makes humans different from animals..?

2022-05-20 14027
  Human advancement comes through reasoning     (Deshapriya Nanayakkara)   Humans are animals that specialize in thinking and knowing, and

Sajith is advised by un-pragmatic erudites like Harshala

2022-05-20 13978
  That situation is unfortunate for the nation    Harsha De Silva's economy..!     (Senior Counsel Gamini Alwis translated by

Karu should be appointed as the Prime Minister who is acceptable to all

2022-05-10 14058
  The election can be held later on   Only Karu has no corruption and crime chargers     (Professor Mayura

Interim conspiracy to protect the President by sacrificing the Prime Minister

2022-05-04 13983
  The President must resign first   The government is trying to suppress the people's struggle   To divide the

The Rajapaksas greed for power is a harbinger of a catastrophe

2022-04-26 13986
  Mahinda should resign   A decision about Gota can be taken at the election   Mahinda is primarily responsible

All are slaves of corrupt politics

2022-04-04 13984
  People must stand up against falsified details   The key purpose of electoral politics is to deceive

How to overcome the crisis

2022-03-26 14136
  Otherwise the country will fall in to an anarchy   The Foreign policy to be re-formulated     (Victor Ivan)   I

The right of Presidents to plunder the country must be abolished

2022-03-24 13984
  The President must be subject to the law   The country cannot be recovered without these changes

What are the principles of Good Governance..?

2022-03-22 13989
  Are the principles of Good Governance not-applicable to Sri Lanka..?   Why is the Sri Lankan Government

For the knowledge of those who sell the National Security

2022-03-22 14084
  Pointing a T-56 without a time and art is not National Security   Did you know about

People pay the compensation for choosing a king

2022-03-21 13984
  The king was chosen after hearing to the king cobra of Kelaniya   The punishment to the

Was the last presidential election a fraud..?

2022-03-17 13984
  (Victor Ivan)   The prime issue contained in the petition filed by Nagananda Kodituwakku making Bribery and

Sri Lanka on the Brink of Anarchy..!

2022-03-10 13979
  (Victor Ivan)   Sri Lanka is in a critical state where its survival depends on an urgent

Family values and politics

2022-03-03 13977
  The most important primary unit of human society is the family   The family is a small

When will politicians take responsibility..?

2022-03-03 13986
  (By Dr. Upul Wijayawardhana)   The judiciary has spoken loud and clear! In acquitting the former Defence

The Prime Cause of the Crisis

2022-02-11 13987
  (Victor Ivan)   Of all previous independence celebrations held so far, the 74th independence celebration can be

Crisis of Sri Lanka-Patali Champika and Anura Kumara

2022-02-06 14060
  ( Victor Ivan)   There was a time I was inclined to perceive the JVP and the

How will the government find $ 6.7 billion for 2022..?

2021-12-21 13994
  The Governor of the Central Bank says that he cannot accept "Fitch Ratings"   The Governor of

A question paper for the opposition..!

2021-12-20 13992
  Are you ready to face if the country collapsed?   Victor Ivan questions   A political, economic, social analyst

Victory over the Puzzle

2021-12-17 14000
  (Victor Ivan)   The present situation of Sri Lanka can be compared to a complex puzzle that

Transforming Gota to a Botha

2021-12-07 14073
  (Victor Ivan)   The ‘Anidda’ newspaper of previous week had published an article titled 'People's Constitution, the

Lets make Sri Lanka a Chile..?

2021-12-04 14071
Even the government withdrew their spurious constitution-making program, we must not lower down our voice

Political Socialization

2021-12-01 13987
  (Deshapriya Nanayakkara)   The process of political socialization becomes more attractive according to the collective features of

The motherland is sold after people are trapped under the quarantine law

2021-10-19 13996
  The country is in danger..!   Everyone must come forward   ( Sujith Mangala De Silva and Rumi Speelberg)   Janatha

Lawful Public Uprising..!

2021-10-14 13983
  (Victor Ivan)   Where does the Sri Lankan crisis take the country to? Even though the pandemic

Why Peace Psychology is important..?

2021-10-14 13993
  Can violence and conflicts be prevented..?   (Deshappriya Nanayakkara)   The Roots of Peace Psychology are often traced to

What is Political Corruption..?

2021-10-14 13979
  How corruption plays in healthcare Political corruption or Mal- politics is the use of powers by

What is the Political Environment..?

2021-10-14 13981
  Politics is a very crucial social process   (Deshappriya Nanayakkara)   Political ecology is studying the relationships between environmental

Unity in diversity

2021-10-13 13991
  (By Deshappriya Nanayakkara)   Unity in diversity is used as an expression of harmony and unity between

What you should know about human rights..?

2021-10-13 13980
  What is the use of human rights..?   (Sujith Mangala De Silva and Rumi Speelberg)   The United Nations

Ugly State..!

2021-10-02 13982
  (Victor Ivan)   I urge the President, the Chief Justice, the Leader of the Opposition, the Speaker

Immaculate brand in national politics-Karu..!

2021-09-29 13985
  This special article is published on the occasion of the birthday of Chairman of the

Betrayal of the Nation

2021-09-28 13972
  (Victor Ivan)   If a particular community, group or an individual in Sri Lanka, subjected to severe

Crisis and the Survival of the Country

2021-09-11 13975
  Among the probable disasters there are avoidable as well as unavoidable disasters. Even in unavoidable

UNP is all out for 75..!

2021-09-06 13982
The captain should decide whether to start the second inning or not   The UNP's policy is

A single person has become additionally debt of Rs. 148,000 

2021-08-13 13979
  Debt per person has exceeded Rs 740, 000   The total debt of the country is 13,031.5

A message to the President from Field Marshal

2021-08-13 14064
Gotabhaya close the country immediately..!   Let's stop the COVID death toll by three digits   Accept the advices

Indecency Glorified

2021-08-09 13981
(Victor Ivan) In the political sense, Sri Lanka can be considered as a country where the

The background of the Riots in South Africa  

2021-07-16 13989
  Why troops are not deployed in Durban and Pietermaritzburg   Hospitals are in a risk without supply     Will

Basils challenge

2021-07-09 13989
  Basil-seven brains-bottle gourd and winter melon     (Professor Milton Rajaratne)   Basil Rajapaksa is a former powerful Minister in

Demise of Prof Purasinghe is irreparable loss to the country

2021-07-07 13980
  Militant of democracy   A strong believer of non-authoritarian political prospects    We, the Intellectual Forum for People (IFP),

Sajith’s future 

2021-07-03 13981
  Be the second first and be the first at second   (Translated By Roomie Spielberg)   Sajith Premadasa can

No more enduring-object religious extremism

2021-06-07 13972
This is the terrible reality that is clear from the Archbishop's statement..!   "One law for the

Ranil’s Fears of Karu

2021-06-06 14079
Karu's successful political career starting from CMC Mayor   The Symbol of Genuine politics   (By Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha)   Ranil’s

The government promotes devil governance 

2021-05-27 13976
Under this government, good governance is only a dream   The principles of good governance and devil

The Absence of leaders-A crisis

2021-05-26 13970
(Victor Ivan)   It seems to me that Sri Lanka will inevitably be plunged into a catastrophe.

Sri Lanka’s foreign policy: From non-alignment to non-directional

2021-05-08 14044
(Dinouk Colombage)   “The foreign policy determines and shows actual freedom and independence of the state” –

Rescuing the Parliament first, before the country

2020-12-26 14050
The Parliament can be considered as the first respondent responsible for the collapse of the

What if everyone fails..?

2020-12-20 14062
(Victor Ivan) How can Sri Lanka overcome the crisis it is facing in a situation where

Recreating the State

2020-12-20 13975
(Victor Ivan)   A recent article written by me   titled the “End of an Era” can

Perfecting the Failure

2020-12-04 13993
(Victor ivan)   The entire State of Sri Lanka in general and the Legislature, the Executive &

What went wrong with Ranil..?  

2020-11-29 14003
(Victor Ivan) As I see the process of the old stock of political leaders and their

End of an era

2020-11-17 14059
(Victor Ivan)   This is not an issue which has received adequate attention. Yet, I am of

Making the Nation a Bunch of Morons

2020-11-07 13969
(Victor Ivan)   It can be said that Sri Lanka has already fallen to the bottom of

The Revolution Betrayed 

2020-10-31 13971
(Victor Ivan) Sri Lanka is in a miserable state, after having had its journey to the

2015- A Dilemma - 2020-A Flummox 

2020-10-28 14007
(Victor Ivan)   The government of Gotabaya Rajapaksa can be seen as a logical outcome of the

A leader ahead of his time

2020-10-27 14044
(Navin Dissanayake)   What a lot he achieved from 1977 to 1988, the completion of the Mahaweli

True Status of the Judiciary

2020-10-17 14056
  (Victor Ivan) The people are the real owners of sovereignty both in terms of the classical

The Prime factors of the Crisis

2020-10-09 13968
(Victor Ivan) The crisis Sri Lanka is now facing can be considered as the biggest and

Anarchy, Dictatorship and the Constitution

2020-10-03 13963
(Victor Ivan) The country has got caught in a whirlwind of anarchy. Although there are dictatorial

Comprehending the Puzzles of 19th & 20th Amendments

2020-09-27 13967
(Victor Ivan)   Misappropriation of State property by ruling parties, which consists of representatives (Presidents, Ministers and

Lovable 19th and Fearsome 20th

2020-09-12 13965
(Victor Ivan)   Governance-wise, the 20th Amendment can be described as a regressive step. In my opinion,

Ignoring the crisis

2020-09-05 13967
(victor ivan)     Before and after the parliamentary elections, Sri Lanka’s economy was in a precarious situation,

Reforms must Strengthen Democracy

2020-08-21 13969
(Former speaker Hon. karu jayasuriya)   It is my pleasure to send good wishes to the 9th Parliament

Seducing the Parliament

2020-07-25 13965
(victor ivan) From 1948 to 1978 Sri Lanka had a parliamentary system of government. A fully-fledged

Parliamentary Elections

2020-07-19 13969
(Victor Ivan) The confusion caused by Corona epidemic has not yet disappeared.In the circumstances,the parliamentary election

Setting Governance on a firm footing

2020-07-11 13964
(Victor Ivan) The Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary can be considered the three main power

UNP Double Doctor..?

2020-07-08 13972
 Why should Kithsiri Manchanayakke win?   Dr. Kithsiri Manchanayakke is a renowned IT Professional in Sri Lanka.


2020-07-05 13969
(Victor Ivan) The problem of building the Modern Nation and that of the Modern Nation State

Who is Ravi K..?

2020-07-01 13963
Political Career   Enters the portal of Sri Lankan politics in 1988 under the able guidance and


2020-06-28 16006
(Victor Ivan) The ideological backwardness overwhelming the political system of Sri Lanka can be considered an

The Executive, Legislature and Judiciary

2020-06-12 13963
(victor ivan) The Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary can be described as the three main


2020-05-28 13979
(Vicotor Ivan) Sri Lanka is now going through the last stage of the disastrous, multi-phased journey

50 years of Political Legacy- a legend whom I am fortunate enough to call my Father

2020-05-27 13963
(Namal Rajapaksa) 50 years ago, on May 27, 1970, the journey of a political legend began.

Parliamentary Elections 2020 A Point Of View

2020-05-01 13963
(Professor Savitri Goonesekere) The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the lives of people in Sri Lanka and

What the prince does not know

2020-04-28 14050
(Dr Santhushya Fernando) "To understand the nature of the people one must be a prince, and


2020-04-11 13964
(Victor Ivan) It is evident that the ethnic and religious divisions growing in the society amidst

Is it Sajith or Elephant…?

2020-03-07 13965
(Upul Joshap Fernando) Before the 1947 General Election there was no party called UNP. It was

The iron woman that scares the government

2020-02-29 13965
(Upul Joshap Fernando) The author of this article wrote in “ Guruda Wigrahaya” about a prediction,

How Local Governments Make Foreign Policy

2020-02-24 13966
Hare International Airport in Chicago is one of the most important transportation hubs on the


2020-02-08 14030
(victor ivan) Despite the fact that the Legislature and the Executive of Sri Lanka being backward

Is the UNP finished..?

2020-02-01 13965
(Upul Joshap Fernando) He started exerting his strength towards attracting the opinion of the public towards

Degeneration of Parliament

2020-02-01 13966
In an architectural point of view, Sri Lanka had a Parliament building with a majestic

Where is Gota’s economy war…?

2020-01-25 13963
From whom Modi got advises to build the economy   Tax Officers who are worth than soldiers    (Upul

Foundations of Incivility

2020-01-25 13967
(Victor Ivan) The lack of advanced political consciousness and democratic discipline can be considered as one

Nudity Exposed

2020-01-18 13967
"Death of Judicial Freedom"   How Sarath Silva destroyed the judicial system (Victor Ivan) The collection of recorded telephone

Ranjan s Whirlpool

2020-01-11 13967
(Victor Ivan) The police had taken into custody, 338 CDs containing recordings of telephone conversations, found


2020-01-04 13973
(Victor Ivan) After ending the internal civil war, there were no killings of civilians or damage

Will people give Two Third….?

2020-01-04 13964
How it gets rotten when time goes by Will Mahinda also be a Peon It was Judiciary

-karma- that Maithree will face

2019-12-28 13963
Ditta Dhamma Vedaneeya Karmaya   What every government did for the opposition   (Upul Joshap Fernando) The word that is

The Vicious Cycle of Revenge

2019-12-28 13966
Revenge from opponents is a tribal heritage of Sri Lankans   (Victor Ivan) Revenge from opponents can be

Darkness and light

2019-12-20 13963
(Victor Ivan) Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero, the chief incumbent of Abayaramaya, Narahenpita made a unique statement

The task of convincing the President and the majority

2019-12-18 13964
 (Harsha Gunasena) The President said that he was the President of all Sri Lankans, including the

UNP’s Buddhist vein

2019-12-15 13965
How JR – Esmond converted to Buddhism   Ranil’s defective two veins   (Upul Joshap Fernando) “These rare characteristics came

Roots of the crisis

2019-12-15 13963
(Victor Ivan) The candidates who had genuinely contested the presidential election had elaborate and attractive election

Being born again

2019-12-08 13964
Where Maithree started to swallow the rope..!   The journey to be reborn with Wasps..!   (Upul Joshap Fernando) According

if we get 2 vs 3 majority in parliament we will drop 19 amendment from the constitution -G R-

2019-12-06 13965
Will be frank with New Delhi to avoid misunderstandings: Gotabaya Rajapaksa   I am usually very frank,

Modi’s Lotus and Gota’s Lotus Bud..!

2019-12-01 13966
(Upul Joseph Fernando) Gotabaya Rajapaksha set off to India on last Thursday as the 7th President


2019-11-29 14001
(Victor Ivan) Evidently the Tamils in the North and particularly the Muslims in the East have

UNP wants a Basil Rajapaksa..!

2019-11-25 13968
  How they attacked Basil then..!   What happened to votes machines..!   (Upul Joseph Fernando)  There was a photo which

56 Re-born

2019-11-22 13960
    (Victor Ivan)    The outcome of the presidential election 2019 can be regarded as a miracle in

Sri Lanka election: Unity hard to achieve in divided country

2019-11-19 13964
As news broke of Gotabaya Rajapaksa's win, supporters and party workers gathered at headquarters. The

After five years, a President with a legitimate mandate..!

2019-11-18 13966
(Sujith Mangala De Silva)  Election Commission Chairman Mahinda Deshapriya has announced that Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the Presidential

Will Gotabaya Rajapaksa make peace with India..?

2019-11-18 13963
Given his polarised mandate, Sri Lanka president-elect may need New Delhi’s help in Tamil regions. For

Securing a People’s Constitution

2019-11-15 13964
  (Victor Ivan)  The need for making a People’s Constitution has become a topic of interest not

Elephant Manthra of 77

2019-11-09 13963
  Will Sajith capture the Village of Mahinda?   Does Sajith need JVP votes to win?   When the Elephant

-Election-The Transformative Opportunity

2019-11-09 13963
(Victor Ivan ) Almost all the candidates who are genuinely contesting the Presidential Election have presented

The fight between civilization and un- civilization - Pad Man -

2019-11-05 13960
  This is how the dictatorial Rejapaksha Regime along with its slaves insulted the great parenthood..!   “

Ranasinghe Premadasa gets up

2019-11-04 13968
  The group that battered Premadasa that day   What happened to those who opposes..?   (Upul Joshep Fernando) State Media

The last two weeks in which merits and sin give results

2019-10-26 13964
The history of former Presidents who came to the chair..!   What will happen during the last

Even Kings have to face the consequences

2019-10-20 13962
What Anura Bandaranayake wrote to Maithree   Author’s prediction about Maithree four years ago   The destruction Maithree did

Will a Lion become the King of a country where the rest are bulls..?

2019-10-12 13964
How Mahesh took over the Eater attack    What Mahesh told when bombing suspects were apprehended    (Upul Joshep

Hema and Ranil who we do not know…!

2019-10-05 13968
History of Premadasa and Ranil...!   What those who outcry do not know…! (upul joshap fernando) Those days there

Does Sajith need Ranil to win..?

2019-09-28 13962
What J.R. told Premadasa that day..!   How will Sajith handle Ranil..?   (Upul Joshap Fernando) Then Prime Minister Premadasa

Should this man be destroyed by Maharaja..?

2019-09-23 13962
Ranil’s political career should be over- but not by Maharaja..!   (Uopul Joshap Fernando) “If Buddarakkitha Thero had

Will Ranil give it to Sajith..?

2019-09-14 13965
Air Birds that crept in to Maithree’s cage..!   The first thing that Sajith did not do..!   (Upul

Bad luck of the Heirs to the Crown …!

2019-09-12 13965
Can get through with the patronage of Presidents..!   (Upul Joshap Fernando) It was Dudley Senanayake who was

Is it impossible to Gota ..?

2019-09-02 13962
How to get the balance 8%..!    Has a lightening thumped the eyes of the UNP..?   (Upul Joshap

This is how the UNP candidate is selected..!

2019-08-25 13964
How did JR select the Presidential candidate..?    The trick, resorted by Mahinda – Maithree..!     (Upul Joshap Fernando)  What

Two, who obtained the Citizenship to become Presidents..!

2019-08-18 13964
How did Hitler come to Germany from Austria..?   Still the rope of the citizenship of Gota

Will UNP split to Two..?

2019-08-16 13963
The escalating internal crisis situation in the United National Party has created an arena for

The UNP candidate whom Mahindians fear..?

2019-08-14 13963
UNP election in favor of the Alliance , hidden by Hiru – Derana..!   UNP contractors who

Will Cardinal break the votes of the UNP candidates ..?

2019-08-04 13962
Where was Cardinal when Roshen Chanaka was killed….?   The secrete, leaked by Wikileeks Web Site …!   (Upul

Can UNP win alone..?

2019-07-28 13963
Sajith who lost even to Namal at Hambantota..!   Will Champika- Rajitha – Fonnseka bat a looser..?   (Upul

Historical prediction about the President of 2020..!

2019-07-22 13962
How successive leaders battered the predecessors ..!   Will Maithree – Henchmen suffer ..!   (Upul Joshep Fernando) When the

Can remember "American Voice" now..!

(Upul Joshep Fenando) Inter Press Services Media went to Iranawila on 23rd December 1998. Those days

The great four Treasures of UNP Sinhala Buddhists..!

How Mahinda won and lost..! Can the Treasure hidden in Sirikotha, be unearthed..! (Upul Joshep Fernando) “If Gota

What happened after getting advice from Monkeys..!

Dhahanayake – D.B. and Mithreepala. How Illnagarathne wrote about the disguise of Dhahanayake..!  How the Heads of

Sri Lanken Horse , Modi is going to bet in 2020..!

Balancing India and China..!  How Maithree lost everything..!     (By Upul Joseph Fernando)  Irrespective of the heavy showers, there