Friday 17th of September 2021

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no requirement for general public to panic over a fake email

2021-09-17 1017
  Defence Secretary Gen. Kamal Gunaratne (Retd) referring to the standard security measures adopted at the

Foreign Minister GL Peiris responded to the concerns of the UNHRC

2021-09-15 1092
  “We reject the resolution on external activities of our country”   “We are working to recover from

A decisive and landmark judgment in the history of elections in Sri Lanka

2021-09-14 1080
  A timely reminder that bribing the voters at future elections will result in the Perpetrator

Eat Ginger every day for these health benefits

2021-09-14 1121
  As of late, it has become a trend to add more and more spices to

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights sounds alarm on emergency regulations

2021-09-14 1108
  (Kelum Bandara)   UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, in her oral update on Sri

Chinas Future Science Prize was awarded to Professor Malik Peiris

2021-09-13 1128
  Professor Malik Peiris has been awarded the Future Science Prize by the government of China

The future of the world depends on national unity

2021-09-13 1138
    PM addresses G-20 Inter-religious Conference   (Samith Isuranga)   Addressing the inaugural session of the G-20 Inter-religious Forum, Prime

Delta hinders US access to Europe

2021-09-13 1153
  Countries of European Union have decided to ban Americans from entering European countries due to

UNP local government members rallied around reformists

2021-09-13 1173
    The UNP has no future without Karu-Ravi-Naveen-Arjuna   People reject Ruwan-Vajira-Akila-Range   No political journey with new UNP officials     (Pramodhya

Government service is only for cronies

2021-09-10 1225
SJB does what the government should do   Stop nurturing cronies -MPs immediately   (Lumbini Pramodya)   Leader of the Opposition

This is how the Leader of the Opposition nurtured Islamic extremism..!

2021-09-10 1428
The real terrorists are with Sajith Premadasa   SJB facilitates terrorists   Parliamentarians should leave the SJB and act

The national appeal made by Karu from the President on behalf of the country..!

2021-09-09 1432
Do not miss the last chance to build the country   It is the President who should

The death of Sunil Perera is an irreparable loss to the country

2021-09-08 1578
He stood up directly for democracy-justice-fairness   Rejected hegemony                    

Avant-Garde sent money to Vajira in a Mazda van

2021-09-08 1812
Billions of money, packed in sacks were unloaded at JSS headquarters   Here are the reasons why

Extremist Killer in New Zealand planned an attack in Sri Lanka

2021-09-08 1662
“New Zealenders should be attacked to teach them a lesson” – Samsudeen’s facebook account   -Harald Newspaper-   (Nilanthi

Taliban captured Panjshir Valley

2021-09-07 1988
  Taliban spokesman Sabiullah Mujahid confirmed that Taliban was able to acquire the control of Panjshir

“We are passing the Fourth wave of COVID along with Delta” – SLMA

2021-09-06 1698
  “The most prevalent variant at the moment which is alarmingly spreading, is a new variant

A discussion between Pakistani Intelligence Chief and Taliban leaders

2021-09-06 1714
Pakistan Chief of Intelligence Lt. Gen. Faiz Hameed had met Taliban leaders at Kabul, the

Good bye Sunil Perera

2021-09-06 1924
Veteran Singer and Leader of the popular music band in Sri Lanka passed away while

How Ravis opponents fell in to mess in their hurry to sling mud on him

2021-09-03 1622
"We didn't hide sugar" -Global Park-   Confused "Global Treading" with "Global Park"   Cannot poke the hand even

COVID cases in increase in India

2021-09-03 1561
70% of infections were from Kerala   Under the second wave of India COVID-19 pandemic, the highest

 Ranil-Vajira are Mahindas puppies in his lap

2021-09-03 1623
Ranil and Vajira aim is to secure Namal's future   Here is the reason why Ranil went

Former Auditor General cursed those who decided to build a jogging track in Parakrama Samudraya

2021-09-03 1311
Former Auditor General, Gamini Wijesinghe said that even though we are Buddhists , we should

A Headquarters of Bank of China to Port City!

2021-09-03 1573
Basil Rajapaksa, Minister of Finance has stated that the government is ready to provide all

The dollar crisis getting further worse

2021-09-02 1640
Central Bank is bankrupt?   Commercial banks collapse?   The time has come for scientific pandemic  control as well

Is “Mu”, the most dangerous COVID variant, found so far?  

2021-09-01 1615
The virus indicates a rick of resistance to vaccination - WHO   The World Health Organization has

A new virus killed 50 in India

2021-09-01 1852
Most of the victims are children   A new virus fever is alarmingly spreading in a number

The government decision to cut unnecessary government’s spending is correct

2021-08-31 1739
Otherwise the economy would have gone to the grave with COVID   The government’s listening to the

Replacing Mangala Samaraweera is a national challenge

2021-08-27 2846
COVID assassin took his life when he was really required by the motherland   Mangala is a

SL military to receive 300,000 Sinopharm vaccine from China..!

2021-08-26 2433
  Following a request made by the Defence Secretary Gen. Kamal Gunaratne (Retd.) to the Chinese

Has Sri Lanka accepted Taliban rule?

2021-08-26 2409
  Why does a foreigner, staying legally require Taliban amnesty ?   (By Lalith Jayathilaka) -translated by Rumi Speelberg-   The

Ranil has become Vajiras hostage-Here are the reasons..!

2021-08-26 2467
How Vajira destroyed Dilrukshi Dias   Strong opposition to Vajira from within the party as well as

Arjuna is nominated for the position of Chairman of the UNP instead of Vajira Abeywardena

2021-08-25 2228
(Sujith Mangala De Silva) A number of senior leaders of the United National Party have requested

SJB to handle the UNP 75th Anniversary campaign

2021-08-25 3748
Sagala has given the contract to Sajith’s staunch supporter Saliya Weerasekera   Is Sagala in a conspiracy

We lost a people centric-honorable and an astute Politician 

2021-08-25 2748
  -Rohitha Bogollagama-   Former Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka, Mr. Rohitha Bogollagama, issuing a message of condolence

Mangala dedicated his entire life on behalf of the country -Karu-

2021-08-25 2658
He took the pride of Sri Lankan citizenship to the international arena   Steered the country's economy

Sandahiru Stupa Pinnacle to remain at Kalutara Bodhiya premises

2021-08-21 4098
  The Sandahiru Stupa ‘Crest-Gem’ and the ‘Sacred Pinnacle’ are placed at the Kalutara Bodhiya premises

The government has given promotions to the accused of the Easter attack..!

2021-08-21 2704
  By Professor Krishantha Abeysena   Translated by Rumi Speelber   Specialist Doctor alleges that the government has even given

Kalutara Bodiya receives Stupa Pinnacle on Saturday (Aug 21)

2021-08-20 3221
  The revered articles of Sandahiru Stupa on a religious procession are scheduled to arrive at

Stupa Pinnacle moves to Panadura today 

2021-08-20 4005
  The revered articles of Sandahiru Stupa on a religious procession are scheduled to arrive at

The death toll resulting in panic at Kabul Airport raised to 12

2021-08-20 3165
  No weapons to Afghanistan – US President   US Troops will remain until the last American is

Panadura Rankoth Viharaya receives Stupa Pinnacle on Friday

2021-08-20 3600
  The revered articles of Sandahiru Stupa on a religious procession are scheduled to arrive at

Health guidelines tighten again

2021-08-19 4230
  Only one person from a house can move out   (Lumbini Pramodya)     A new set of health guidelines

Good bye Suresh..!

2021-08-19 3471
  Rumi Spealberg   Senior Journalist of the Island Newspaper, Suresh Perera passed away yesterday evening (18).  

Religious procession will arrive at Kurunduwatta Maha Viharaya today

2021-08-19 3344
  The religious procession carrying the ‘Sacred Pinnacle’ and the ‘Crest-Gem’ of Sandahiru Stupa commenced its

Do not influence independent Judges..!

2021-08-19 2051
    (Samith Isuranga)   Chairman of the National Movement for a Just Society, Deshabandu Karu Jayasuriya, issuing a

Sandahiru Stupa Pinnacle arrives at Aththanagalla Rajamaha Viharaya today

2021-08-18 1805
The revered articles of Sandahiru Stupa on a religious procession are scheduled to arrive at

Religious procession will arrive at Wattarama today

2021-08-17 2444
  The religious procession carrying the ‘Sacred Pinnacle’ and the ‘Crest-Gem’ of Sandahiru Stupa commenced its

Declare a state of national emergency immediately

2021-08-17 2469
Let's defeat the COVID pandemic through an all-party national assembly   The world highest COVID mortality rate

Ravi-Naveen-Arjuna is the future of the UNP

2021-08-16 3090
  It is unfortunate that Ranil does not understand that   Ravi-Naveen-Arjuna should be taken forward in the

Religious procession will arrive at Wariyapola today

2021-08-16 2798
  The religious procession carrying the ‘Sacred Pinnacle’ and the ‘Crest-Gem’ of Sandahiru Stupa commenced its

Reveal the reasons behind the arrest of the e News Journalist!

2021-08-16 2460
  Ensure the protection of Keerthi Ratnayake's life   An unjust-anti-democratic-dictatorial act     (Nilanthi Manel Chandrasena)   President of the National Movement

 Ravi shakes Sirikotha – mounts severe criticism 

2021-08-15 2724
  "Everyone wanted to become the king alone – finally we were left alone"   "Let's fight at

Sandahiru Stupa revered articles to reach Na Uyana Aranya today

2021-08-15 2526
The revered articles of Sandahiru Stupa on a religious procession are scheduled to arrive at

Sandahiru Stupa revered articles to reach Kurunegala today

2021-08-14 2924
  The revered articles of Sandahiru Stupa on a religious procession are scheduled to arrive at

25% of the development bonds have not been sold

2021-08-13 4698
No buyers   "Sri faces the biggest economic crisis in history"     (Nilanthi Manel Chandrasena)   Though the Central Bank of

People have to protect themselves from the Corona as well as the government

2021-08-13 3894
Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa issuing a special statement said that the people have to protect

The Buddhist battle against the SJB Born Again regime begins

2021-08-11 5134
    Objection to Sajith-Iran-Harsha-Jalani   "Sajith broke the UNP for the requirement of “Born Again" -Nalin De Silva-   “Born

Another deadly virus from Africa

2021-08-11 5723
  It is transmitted through body fluids including blood and saliva   It should be stopped from where

 Instead of importing vaccines, honey was promoted 

2021-08-09 5330
    Opposition leader, Sajith Premadasa said that the government is not looking down the country in

The government does not listen to Doctors

2021-08-09 5801
    Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe says that the COVID pandemic has spread rapidly in the country and

Karu raises voice on behalf of Sajith

2021-08-07 5855
Police obstruction on the Opposition leader is condemned with abhorrence     "Proved once again that the

WHO urges developed countries to suspend third COVID – 19 vaccine

2021-08-06 4500
  The World Health Organization has requested from developed countries to suspend the decision of administering

Karu strongly condemns Johnnys heinous act

2021-08-06 3791
    Submitted written facts to the Speaker   Assassination of character is a poor and despicable act   “Did not

It is the responsibility of all to ensure the well-being of the country

2021-08-05 3608
  All parties should come forward immediately   Nature gives the right answer to the greed for dictatorial

Florida of America falling victim for COVID once again

2021-08-04 4114
  A Booster vaccine from Germany   The German health authorities have taken measures to administer a booster

Karu takes the battle in to the hand - Just society is expanded

2021-07-27 9673
  Many other Organizations are rallying around Karu   The battle against unfairness-injustice- unlawfulness is on fire..!   (Sujith Mangala

Rajamahendran passed away

2021-07-26 11458
  Chairman, Capital Maharaja Group, R. Rajamahendran, passed away Capitol Maharaja Group Chairman R.S. Mr. Rajamahendran

Union of the Opposition is a great victory gained by the country

2021-07-23 10173
    All parties got in to the common platform unconditionally   The burning issues of the country cannot

Proposals of the Commission on Prevention of Terrorism Act ..!

2021-07-22 10045
    The Presidential Commission of Inquiry on previous commissions of human rights, evaluations of decisions, arrived

Sri Lanka is at the face of the 4th wave of COVID-19

2021-07-21 12682
  Delta infection can go up to 50%   President of the Sri Lanka Medical Association, Specialist Doctor

A bouquet of flowers to  Karu from the university community ..!

2021-07-19 9330
    Greetings for uniting the Opposition   "The involvement of an uncorrupted leader is  appreciated - Professor Prasanna   "No

The opposition should unite against the dreadful ruling

2021-07-19 10161
  No one has the ethical right to renounce that national right   The country is moving towards

Sajith met University Lecturers

2021-07-16 11111
  A discussion was held between leader of the Opposition, Sajith Premadasa and the University Lecturers’

The Churches in Mannar were pelted

2021-07-15 11202
  The statues were totally damaged   Attack by an organized group   An organized group had pelted stones at

Teachers union goes to the Supreme Court

2021-07-15 9604
  Police statement violates the fundamental rights   No toleration of suppression anymore   President of the Sri Lanka Teachers'

The Kothalawala Act is a death blow to free education..!

2021-07-14 10266
Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa issuing a press statement has pointed out Tuesday (13) that the

Wadda Chief to Appeal Court

2021-07-14 9394
  The Writ Application requesting a writ order to invalidate the granting of 5,000 acres of

Easter Sunday Investigation to be independent

2021-07-14 8619
  Archbishop of Colombo   “ We are not satisfied with the investigation process”     Archbishop of Colombo, His

Lets rally against the repression of the government

2021-07-11 9310
  Stop looting people's rights immediately   The time has come to defeat the dictatorial frenzy     (Sujith Mangala de

Rajapakshas who claim to protect the country are selling the country

2021-07-11 8799
Chief Opposition Whip Lakshman Kiriella alleges that the government has no policy and has started

Fundamental Right Petition against the Express Pearl fire

2021-07-08 10210
  Priority to protect damaged ocean     The Supreme Court fixed to hear a fundamental right petition, filed

Another deadly COVID variant had emerged

2021-07-08 9451
  If we do not comply-LAMBD will dominate Possibility of entering Sri Lanka too Deadly than DELTA of

Lets defeat the governments nefarious plan to destroy the free media

2021-07-07 8854
The justice people should come forward  All democratic forces must be vigilant  Do not touch "Sirasa"   (Sujith Mangala

The mastermind of the Easter Sunday attack was apprehended in Australia

2021-07-07 8842
A Financial supporter of ISIS and Al Qaeda     Bail application has been rejected by Australian

Prof. Terrence Purasinghe passes away

2021-07-07 9563
Deepest condolence of "lankanewsweek"   "Dedicated his whole life for democracy" -Professor Prasanna-   It is with great sad

The government and the country failed - International too failed

2021-07-06 10035
Chief Opposition Whip Lakshman Kiriella stated that the present government has fallen to a major

A discussion between PAFFREL and the JVP regarding the electoral system

2021-07-06 9053
A discussion between PAFFREL and the JVP was held at the JVP head office in

Delta variant had spread in 85 countries

2021-07-05 9224
  The Delta variant or Delta COVID, originated in India, has been found in 85 countries

Another one million Sinopharm vaccines to Sri Lanka

2021-07-05 8935
  Another one million Sinopharm vaccines were brought to Sri Lanka yesterday morning (04). This stock was

Sri Lanka is banned by Emirates

2021-07-05 7699
Emirates has suspended flights to three countries, including Sri Lanka. Accordingly, Emirates will not be

May Presidents heart melt for Ranjan too -Karu-

2021-07-02 8380
  Due to Upali Abeyratnage, the law went wild   No arrests — only abductions   Parliament is not fulfilling

It is President Gota who is disliked by the country within the shortest time 

2021-06-30 7629
Leader of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Anura Kumara Dissanayakar e emphasized that President Gotabaya Rajapakshe and

Karu challenges Mahinda

2021-06-25 10552
Deshabandu Karu Jayasuriya, Chairman of the National Movement for a Just Society, emphasizes that if

Sajith takes up the fight against oil prices

2021-06-23 9242
The Samagi Jana Balawega staged a massive protest this morning (22) against the pressure exerted

The story, told by Ranil when Vajira asked for the national list

2021-06-22 9683
'' No tradition in UNP of sending those who lost, to parliament from the national

I do not reject the invitation of the SJB-Will see in the future

2021-06-21 9181
"I have never lost"   The only senior of the UNP to challenge the arrival of Ranil

Billions of foreign loans have disappeared

2021-06-21 9748
The amount of foreign debt is less valued than the actual amount   Lenders have not been

It is a pleasure to die than living in a dictatorial country

2021-06-16 9544
Why should live with fear - suspicion with folded arms and legs?    The government sees the

The crisis of government jumped out while trying to squeeze the necks of the people

2021-06-14 8375
Secretary of Pohottuwa does not know that his party rules the country   The government go home

If GSP lost, the dollar rate will exceed Rs.300

2021-06-14 8460
Do not do politics with GSP   Do not further destroy the country       UNP leader Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe

Karu thanks countries for intervening to save Sri Lankans

2021-06-10 8491
Here is Karu's contribution to obtain a stock of 800,000 vaccines and a stock of

SJBs future depends on Sajiths behavior - Patali-

2021-06-10 8605
Ranil is a remnant of the hereditary elite   Sajith was selected in 2019 according to the

Do not insult the important journalists who were assassinated

2021-06-09 7897
Take immediate action against the relevant government official   He has a cruel mentality     The National Movement for

Desperate appeal to UK Prime Minister

2021-06-08 8103
What will happen to UK Health Services if all migrants leave to their mother lands?   Every

 Is the Express Pearl fire a conspiracy? -Ranil-

2021-06-08 7438
Appoint a Parliamentary Select Committee immediately   Why did not the government enforce the law?   Why MEPA did

Everyone should be vaccinated before 31st December

2021-06-03 7565
If done so the county- people can be rescued     “ PCR” tests should be doubled

SF is in fit of rage with Sajith

2021-06-02 8004
Field Marshal comes to the stage against Maithri and Sajith's "Deal"   If Sajith becomes the President,

SJB MPs who deal with Mahinda and Ranil against Sajith

2021-06-01 7509
A group is with Patali-another group is with the civil movements   Field Marshal on his own

The country is littered with Chinese garbage

2021-05-31 7783
China’s City garbage is imported as organic fertilizer.   The country-farmer-agriculture is destroyed     The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP)

A stock of vaccines free at Karus request

2021-05-26 7848
The international community responds to the request made on behalf of the country   600,000 vaccines from

Passing of the Port City is criticized by the international community

2021-05-26 7218
A government that cares about the country and the people will not pass bills in

The request, made by Karu from the international community on behalf of people

2021-05-25 6927
Requested the surplus of the COVID -19 vaccines from those countries     Special attention of Switzerland,

Do not sacrifice the lives of the people by pointing out the economy

2021-05-24 7275
Do not degrade the Cabinet   The country should be locked down and the pandemic controlled under

The governments attempt to pass the Port City Bill on corpses is despicable

2021-05-20 7295
MPs who love the country should not allow it   A disgrace to democracy - a gamble with

Issue facemasks free to poor

2021-05-18 8116
Picking up the poor who do not wear face masks is not the solution to the

It is not too late to save the country — come forward without hatred

2021-05-18 6802
If the time is spent to take revenges, the country and the people are in

Don’t mix-up COVID – 19 with politics

2021-05-12 7686
Don’t use this war to protect the government   The war should be done to rescue the

 Honorable President..! Unite all forces for the country

2021-05-11 7090
If you love the country, extend the hand of friendship   Otherwise the country will fall into

Protest to Devi students who are disarray

2021-05-10 7742
Old Devians come forward against Professor Meththika Vithanage   Don’t insult the college- stop wrong propaganda    Devi doesn’t

Does the government choose the economy or human lives?

2021-05-09 7138
If the country is locked down, the economy will be destroyed — if not, human

Is the Attorney General coming to the public service from the SLFP or the SJB ?

2021-05-07 6549
The Attorney General's decision and statement heats up the political arena   Is the rejection of the

It was National list MPs who brock the UNP

2021-05-03 7534
knowing that they will lose the General Election The instigators were Jalani Premadasa and Lakshman Fonseka   Harin-Ranjith-Iran

Even the Ministers did not speak in favor of the Report of the Political Revenge Commission

2021-05-01 6440
It is clear from that incident that there is a problem with that Report   No opinion

Threat of a severe famine in the country?

2021-05-01 7009
The President is going to expose the country to risk by doing unknown things   Withdraw the

The request made by Karu from President on behalf of the country

2021-04-30 6803
Stop political revenge and extend the hand of friendship   Challenges including the COVID-19 epidemic cannot be

Human smuggling by the Bureau of Foreign Employment, nabbed

2021-04-29 6568
Foreign Agencies Association (ALFEA) exposed Top Rankers of the Bureau   Sri Lanka has become a major

A formal plan is needed to dispose chemical fertilizers

2021-04-28 7107
No ad hoc remedies     We need to think about national food safety   Act being based on

Isolated battles cannot defeat the dictatorial frenzy of the government

2021-04-27 7615
All citizens who value freedom and independence must come forward   The reason for the third wave

The decision of the Port City should be taken with nationalism feeling

2021-04-22 8520
The Port City Act is unconstitutional   Submit an Act, beneficial to the country – people   (Sujith Mangala

Palitha Thero reveals the misappropriation of 23 billion by Cabraal

2021-04-21 8032
Sued at the Supreme Court   Requested to recover the destroyed money   Do not get P.B. and Ajith

The Port City should be brought under the supervision of the Parliament

2021-04-21 8031
Chief Opposition Whip and Samagi Jana Balawegaya Kandy District Parliamentarian, Attorney-at-Law, Lakshman Kiriella emphasized in

The New Year will be meaningful only if the Environment is conserved

2021-04-18 6614
President of the National Movement for a Just Society Deshabandu Karu Jayasuriya, issuing a special

The whole UNP is on standby for Ravi

2021-03-22 8623
 UNP Legal Unit comes forward on Ranil’s instructions.    Ranil and Seniors commenced work for Ravi    "No fraud-loss

Basil hijacked Sajiths SJB

2021-03-10 9515
Basil's spies in the SJB   If Wimal-Udaya leaves, Basil is ready to form a six-fifths government

Foni -Hareen deadly fight shocked SJB

2021-03-09 9306
Sajith too has not been able to resolve the conflict between the two   Harin disregards Foni's

Wimal is a Conspirator of China- India is behind Basil

2021-03-02 9083
Basil is to be nominated as the Presidential Candidate of Pohottuwa in 2023   China is against

Face the Geneva issue intelligently without being bumptious

2021-03-01 9152
Do not put people of the country in to trouble   The real challenges faced by the

Ranjans life is in danger

2021-02-23 10823
The President-Prime Minister-Speaker should pay attention   Ranjan Ramanayake will be convened to the Parliament immediately   The struggle

The Democracy cannot be established by suppressing the public service

2021-02-19 9910
A democratic country cannot have an existence without the public service   There are services that can

Getting COVID vaccine for servants of the State Minister by force

2021-02-19 14454
Had broken in to the National Hospital   Shall we find out this State Minister?     An incident where

Sajith ousted  Shiral-Maithri and Keerthi

2021-01-06 12539
Conspired to make Patali the candidate against Sajith   The trio behind Ranil-Maithree clashes     The king trio

No child can be employed under 16

2021-01-06 12792
New amendments for Shops and Office Employees Act No. 19 of 1954, the Factories Ordinance


2020-12-10 11586
You too could join the dialogue via “ ZOOM”   Are representatives of the Commission, appointed by

Senior Journalist Priath Liyanage passed away

2020-11-18 10826
Senior Journalist Priyath Liyanage passed away at a Hospital in London yesterday. By the time

Two female maiden Pilots of the Air force

2020-11-17 10904
Two female Air force Officers have been commissioned as Pilots for the first time in

American $ 40,000 donation to Sri Lanka Athletic Association

2020-11-09 10186
Nilani Rathnayake is to be the first beneficiary   The World Athletic Association has donated US  $

135 MOH Divisions are in a high risk

2020-11-03 11114
Colombo , Gampaha and Kaluthara are very high risk areas   As of 1st November 2020, 135 Medical

Government permits molasses imports to save state-owned sugar firms

2020-10-13 9571
The Government will soon be granting permission to state-owned Lanka Sugar Company Ltd to import

Worldwide COVID 19 infections exceed 37,100,000

2020-10-13 10787
Another 6 positive cases in Chinese city of Qingdao   British infections are in increase   The number of worldwide

Akila got caught for stealing the national list

2020-10-09 9843
Akila got head blasted from Ranil   “UNP was destroyed by Ranil-Sagala” – Akila       Responsibilities of the

second term holidays will start by tomorrow -Ministry of Education-

2020-10-04 9441
The "Ministry of Education" says second term holidays start by tomorrow (2020/10/05)

Moody’s downgrading of Sri Lanka is unwarranted..!

2020-09-29 9905
Foreign Ministry explains its stance..!   Foreign Investors are invited not to be dissuaded..!     Sri Lanka’s Finance Ministry

Implementation of 13th Amendment is essential - Modi to MR

2020-09-27 9633
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emphasized that implementation of the 13th Amendment to the

Dishan Wickramarathne elected to new Katharagama Basnayake Nilame.

2020-09-23 9380
Mr. Dishan Wickramarathne had been elected as the Basnayake Nilame of Ruhunu Katharagama Dewalaya. He

Geneva Council had not been informed about the Easter Sunday attack

2020-09-22 8413
Geneva sources revealed that the Geneva Human Rights Council had not received any report about

Ajith Weerasinghe new Rotary Governor Sri Lanka and Maldives

2020-09-19 8057
he only service organisation that has a permanent seat in the UN, Rotary, has appointed

Here is the stance of Malwathu Chapter on Karu against Ranil

2020-09-04 7583
Only Karu can rebuild the UNP   Malwathu Chapter wants Karu to march forward as an Elephant

Another Madrasa School where Saharan had conducted trainings

2020-09-03 7625
A Sub Inspector, attached to the Police Unit of the Presidential Commission to inquire into

Bogollagama slams Solheim s controversial tweets

2020-08-30 7505
(BY MANESHKA BORHAM)   Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Rohitha Bogollagama has slammed the recent controversial tweets

Maithreepala for Easter Sunday attack Commission

2020-08-13 10657
The Commission to investigate the Easter Sunday attack has decided to record a statement from

COVID 19 has nothing to do with the climate changes

2020-07-29 10045
World Health Organization alarms that there will be no change in the spread of COVID

Ranil – Kili re – alliance..?

2020-07-26 10412
Hugs with hands together   Elimination of political hatred   Ranil accepts Kili ’s invitation   Personally chatted for long hours

Former IGP Pujitha Jayasundara received information about Saharan Haseem

2020-07-16 9359
Former Inspector General of Police Pujitha Jayasundara had been informed about the National Thawhid Jamad

Left UNP for the country - Bogollagama-

2020-07-10 10024
“The country needs national politics”   “The country cannot be rescued by party politics”   The pilot who led

UNP will pay ,suspended state sector allowances by the present government

2020-07-10 9404
Former Prime Minister and UNP leader Ranil Wickremasinghe assured that the future government led by

"The Newspaper" was presented with a special accolade

2020-07-09 12873
“The Newspaper”, co – directed by famous Actors Sarath Kothalawala and Kumara Thirimadura and co-produced

What is the impact of a news in life

2020-07-03 9951
The News Paper” a creation of Kothalawala and Thirimadura, worth watching   The News Paper “the latest

Norwegian LTTE Activist Nadarajah detained

2020-06-24 11001
A complain from a Jaffna resident   Officers attached to the Terrorism Investigation Unit of Bandaranayake International

Magistrate called for a Psychiatric report on 3 books of Madrasa School

2020-06-19 8103
“Produce Hijas Hisbulla to courts” Defendant Counsel requested"   Attorney at Law, Hijas Hisbulla was arrested for

Actor Sushant had committed suicide

2020-06-15 8491
A famous Indian tele and film Actor Sushant Singh Rajput had committed suicide who was 34. The

Washington Archbishop Condemns Trump’s Visit To Catholic Shrine

2020-06-04 7566
Violent protests have erupted in Washington and dozens of other cities across the country following

ISIS connection with the Easter attack revealed

2020-06-04 7870
A Software Engineer who was apprehended by the Anti Terrorism and Investigation Division had revealed

Why did Saharan’s team carried out the Easter attack…. ?

2020-06-01 7194
It was revealed in the Presidential Commission to inquire in to Easter Sunday attack that

Corona Virus is a man made creation

2020-05-28 7412
Professor Nikolai Petrovsky comes up with a controversial suggestion   Corona virus being infected to over 5

Vaccination against COVID 19 was found successful on monkeys

2020-05-20 7420
The vaccine, invented  by National Institute of Health of America and  few Medical Scientists, attached

7 students were apprehended for undergoing military training

2020-05-11 7223
Principal instructed students not reveal Saharanz’ visits to school A special team of Police Officers, attached

Another detection, related to Easter attack

2020-04-28 7156
A Military Training Camp, used by Zaharan was apprehended Sadeek started training 5 youths in 2014   Officers

Opposition urges Prez to reconvene Parliament

2020-04-27 7418
Seven opposition Party Leaders, in a joint statement, has urged the President to reconvene Parliament

How Coronavirus Could Change Politics

2020-04-27 7157
A woman sits alone on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial amid a dramatic downturn

Saudi Arabia suspends death sentence for minors…!

2020-04-27 6602
Saudi Arabia's Human Rights Commission declared that death sentence will not be imposed further on

Who is the Global Leader who can bring about Radical change?

2020-04-26 6630
What kind of Leader does Sri Lanka Need?   An Actor or a Global Person?   What should the

Special flights to get back Sri Lankan students

2020-04-21 6822
A large number of students who were pursuing higher studies in foreign countries are stuck

IMF to review SL s Rapid Credit Facility request

2020-04-17 6970
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that they have started to review Sri Lanka’s request

Please reconsider to fund WHO

2020-04-17 7058
Ranil requested from Trump Former Prime Minister and the leader of the United National Party Ranil

South Korea: More recovered coronavirus patients test positive

2020-04-14 5544
At least 116 people cleared of the coronavirus have tested positive again in South Korea,

Ranjan Ramanayake arrested over obstruction of police duties

2020-04-13 6686
Former member of Parliament Ranjan Ramanayake has been arrested a short while ago for obstructing the

No need to consult SC, date for fixing poll is NEC’s responsibility – Pres.Sec

2020-04-09 6628
President’s Secretary P.B.Jayasundara in a reply to the Chairman of Election Commission said that the

The world can be changed by seeing the future

2020-03-24 6604
Happy Birthday R W..! Greatness will come by looking forward - untethered from the politics of

We have taken these measures to ensure your safety and that of your children – PM

2020-03-21 6242
Issuing a special statement, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said that measures have been taken at

Island-wide curfew to be imposed until Monday

2020-03-20 6553
An island-wide curfew will be imposed from 6.00 pm today (20) until 6.00 am on

America should stop pointing fingers on China

2020-03-18 6356
It is “China Virus” says Trump’s Twitter message   There has been a severe objection from China

First ever vaccination to treat Corona virus from America

2020-03-18 6276
The first attempt to experiment a vaccination to survive Corona had been initiated by a

The coronavirus vaccine is being tested for the first time today

2020-03-16 6234
A clinical trial to test a coronavirus vaccine on human subjects will begin next week,

British Health Minister was diagnosed with Corona

2020-03-11 6397
British Health Minister Nadine Dorris had been diagnosed with Corona infection. She participated at the Worlds

7 drinks to clean your kidneys naturally

2020-03-11 6291
Kidneys are small organs that play a vital role in keeping you healthy. They are

Taking Ravi in to custody is a conspiracy

2020-03-05 6351
Is Mithree the invisible hand behind the conspiracy? A lot of technical errors in the Attorney

Big victory for Netanyahu while facing corruption charges

2020-03-04 6146
The longest serving Prime Minister in Israel Benjamin Netanyahu won the election concluded yesterday in Israel.

Pakistan to request British government for Nawaz Sharif’s deportation

2020-03-02 6015
Nawaz Sharif former Prime Minister of Pakistan was sentenced in July 2018 to 10 years

Govt. failed to walk the talk: UNP

2020-02-27 5734
The United National Party (UNP) yesterday criticised the Government’s failure to deliver the changes it

Army Samantha was apprehended by STF

2020-02-20 6289
Rs. 2.6 million worth of Heroin in custody at the apprehension “Army Samantha” who was wanted

4000 Military Medical Practitioners to treat Corona Virus infected

2020-02-14 6161
Still Wuhan city is badly affected by corona virus. The World Health Organization renamed this

Students who were brought back to Sri Lanka from Wuhan are to join their families

2020-02-13 5994
President Gotabaya Rajapaksha is to meet them tomorrow 33 students who were studying in Wuhan University

The total death toll of Corona rose up to 1100

2020-02-12 6058
Corona was renamed “COVID-19” by the W.H.O The total death toll of the Corona virus infected

The General Secretary of the new Alliance of UNP is a Tipp-Ex..!

2020-02-05 5907
What is the example to be set by appointing a person who prepared forged documents

No symptoms of corona found in Sri Lankan students

2020-02-03 5972
33 Sri Lankan students arrived at Maththala Airport who will be on quarantine at a

176 Sri Lankan students back to the country

2020-01-29 6207
Another 484 Sri Lankan students will arrive in short 176 Sri Lankan students who were in

Thusitha Halloluwa is to litigate demanding 1000 million from Mawbima paper

2020-01-20 5973
Litigation against “ Hiru” TV Chanel   Falls news had been published about bribing 30 million to

Two Top Foreign Officials arrived the country

2020-01-14 6310
American Acting Assistant Secretary of Southern and Central Asian Affairs Alice G. Wells arrived Sri

Saman Athauda who destroyed Ranil starts conspiracy of devastating Sajith

2020-01-07 6158
Begs for the Media Secretary position of the opposition leader through Ranil Saman Athauda is a

Sajith and Ranil undermined Ajith – contract to protect the Government to Gayantha

2020-01-07 5936
“No way of establishing the opposition with cool Gayantha” Gayantha is a parasite of Ranil The majority

96,000 Dengue cases have been reported this year

2019-12-31 6149
Will Dengue come to an end next year   A new bacteria to overcome the menace   This year

Forensic too confirmed that the Central Bank was robbed by Ranil-Malik – Cabeer

2019-12-30 5849
That is why Malik-Cabeer are missing   The reason for Ranil to remain as if he drank

Forensic audits uncover Rs. 19 b loss

2019-12-29 6057
Reports given to Central Bank in October   Yet to go public due to AG’s advice   Losses stem

A Sinhala Buddhist with a generational sense must be the leader of the UNP

2019-12-25 5937
Chief Prelates of Malwathu-Asgiri have no much confidence on Sajith Premadasa   If Ranil ignores the advices

How did Jalani find 350 million when her Husband was a debtor..?

2019-12-24 5967
Was Sajith's debt of Rs.270 million due to Jalani's acquiring "Jaal Saloon" for 350 million..?   The

Interim Report of the Easter Sunday attack to President today

2019-12-19 5721
President Gotabaya Rajapaksha appointed a Presidential Commission to probe into the Easter Sunday terror attacks

Ranil decided to hang on to the leadership

2019-12-19 5690
Disregards the advices of Maha Sanga including Chief Prelates   Working Committee is filled with his henchmen    Leadership

An order to Ranil from Chief Prelates of Malwathu – Asgiri

2019-12-17 5813
Sajith has to accept Karu’s leadership   Ranil’s service is further required by the party as well

A special Train from Colombo to Kandy

2019-12-17 5907
Kandy is a favorites destination for visitors during the Christmas festival season as well as

The world’s most powerful woman is Angela Merkel

2019-12-13 5767
She stood up to Trump..!   Allowed a million refugees into Germany..!   German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been

Professionals for top government institutes

2019-12-12 5746
Selection recommendations by a Panel of experts   President Gotabaya Rajapaksha decided to change the system of

Sajith and Harin cannot cross the Districts

2019-12-10 5746
Show after getting elected to Parliament from Hambantota and Badulla    The United National Party had decided

Former Presidents decision was challenged in Supreme Court

2019-12-09 5769
Interim Injunction Order was further extended..!   The Supreme Court today further extended the Interim Injunction Order

Sri Lanka is the best county in the world to visit

2019-12-09 5769
Increase of income is expected   An American Web Site “” has declared Sri Lanka as the

Sri Lanka’s Caroline Jurie was crowned Mrs World at pageant in US

2019-12-09 5803
The crown to Sri Lanka after 35 years   27 years old Caroline Jurie got this glory

Ranil nominates Sajith as Opposition Leader

2019-12-06 5752
United National Party (UNP) Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa has been nominated as the new Leader

Heavy showers to continue..!

2019-12-02 5626
  Sea too will be rough..!   The prevailing heavy showers will be continuing for next few days,

13th South Asian Games –Nepal-

2019-12-02 5663
  A group of Sri Lankans are to beat 2000 sportsmen in 28 events. The male


2019-11-27 5613
  Bolstering existing bonds of understanding and close working relationship further, ‘Exercise Mitra Shakthi - VII’,

Ministry Portfolios are not positions but responsibilities..!

2019-11-27 5590
  Addressing the ceremony held at the Presidential Secretariat , followed by appointments of State's and

End to the extremist racist politics in North..!

2019-11-27 5573
  World greatest Spinner Muttiah Muralidaran has responded positively to the request for him take over

“Nireekshak” Indian Navy Vessel to Tricomalee Port..!

2019-11-26 5573
An Observation Ship “'Nireekshak”, attached to Indian Navy arrived at the port of Trincomalee yesterday

Robert Payas got a leave after 28 years of imprisonment..!

2019-11-26 5574
  On May 21, 1991, former Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi was assassinated by an LTTE suicide

International Water Rocket Championship to Sri Lanka..!

2019-11-26 5607
  Didula Adithya brings glory to the mother land..!   Arthur C Clerk Center introduced Water Rocket Game

I will accomplish the tasks, given by people..!

2019-11-25 5573
  I will not entertain NGOs..!   President Gotabaya Rajapksha called over at Bellanvila Rajamaha Viharaya on Sunday

Top Rankers to State Institutes through a Panel of Experts..!

2019-11-23 5554
  Priority for educated and qualified youth of poor families..!     President Gotabaya Rajapaksha has decided to appoint

President’s House is only for official events..!

2019-11-23 5740
President Gotabaya Rajapaksha has decided to remain in his private residence at Mirihana without shifting

Corrupt charges against Israelis Premier Benjamin Netanyahu..!

2019-11-22 5549
  Will Benjamin lose the Premiership ..?   The Attorney General of Israel revealed that Netanyahu is charged

Ranil was appointed as the Opposition leader

2019-11-21 5551
United National Party has decided to appoint Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe as the Opposition leader of

UNP Parliamentarians opposed dissolution of parliament to protect the pension

2019-11-21 5544
The new Parliamentarians of the United National Party who could not complete the due period

Mahinda Rajapaksa has been sworn-in as the new Prime Minister

2019-11-21 5553
Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been sworn-in as the Prime Minister today ( 21) at

300 houses and 2.5 million acres of forest had been damaged..!

2019-11-20 5542
  Still the wild fire continues in Australia..!     Still the wild fire occurred in New South Wales

Heartfelt condolence of “lankanewsweek”..!

2019-11-20 5563
Good Bye Di Mu..!   Our Heartfelt condolence ..!   Former Prime Minister D.M. Jayarathne passed away on Tuesday (19)

President Gotabaya Rajapaksha got the first invitation from India..!

2019-11-20 5561
  A crucial tour to Sri Lanka..!   Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited newly elected Sri

The United National Front is to take the final decision..!

2019-11-19 5542
The United National Front will take its final decision about their future activities on Wednesday

The new President Gotabaya Rajapksha will assume duties today

2019-11-19 5554
The newly elected President Gotabaya Rajapksha will assume duties today (19) afternoon at the Presidential

Special Statement from Hon. Sajith Premadasa

2019-11-17 5552
  At the conclusion of a hard fought and spirited election campaign, It is my privilege

Will Sinhalese lose if Sajith wins..?

2019-11-16 5541
What happened to Thissa’s forged documents at courts..?   Southern media that makes Sumanthiran an apparition..!   In the

We do not want a first lady of America-60% of females are with Sajith..!

2019-11-15 5541
  Professors confirmed that Sajith exceeded 50%   Caste oppressors come forward against authoritarianism–elitism   Here is the Wayamba-Japura-Peradeniya survey..!   (Sujith

Sajith gets an edge over his rival-Reuters-

2019-11-14 5559
Sajith’s poverty elimination policies win the grass – root level..!   With the TNA announcing their support

243 Army personal to serve UN Peace Keeping Mission

2019-11-13 5566
243 Army personal left Bandaranayke International Airport today ( 13) morning to Mali to serve

A State of the Art Media Development Center

2019-11-13 5575
  Media is important in furthering the economic development…!   The New Democratic Front Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa

TV Umpire to judge No Balls

2019-11-12 5561
5 Umpires for Indian Premier League Tournament…!   What was noticeable in the Indian Premier League Tournament

The Convict of Royal Park murder came out from prison after getting Presidential Pardon

2019-11-12 5569
  Shramantha Jud Anthony Jayamaha who was serving a life term imprisonment for murdering 19 years

Sirisena may meet Premadasa the day before campaign ends

2019-11-10 5579
Barring today, there is only three more days to go for campaigning to close for

Gotabaya for disables

2019-11-07 5575
Braille system for blinds to vote   Disable people’s rights are secured   A memorandum of understanding was signed

TNA’s unconditional support to Sajith Premadasa

2019-11-07 5547
Sajith got the whole fruit of North – East and Estates..!   Here is the statement issued

No pension to Politicians under our administration

2019-11-06 5552
  "The robbed properties and wealth will be taken back"   Presidential candidate of National Peoples’ Power Anura

Patali- Eran-Ajith- Harsha explained how Sajith will be the best President

2019-11-06 5560
A special analytical meeting was held yesterday ( 5) at the Foundation Institute to explain

Five Hundred Thousand youths broke away from Pohottuwa

2019-11-06 5573
  “Nil Balakaya” helpless   Namal Rajapaksha is turned around   The ultimate fate of “ Nil Balakaya”..! Over Five Hundred

Hunger strike against MCC called off

2019-11-06 5573
Ven Udumbara Kashyapa Thera's fast-unto-death campaign against the proposed Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) agreement was

Sajith officially informed in writing to Gota to come for an open debate

2019-11-03 5566
Gota has not responded  to Sajith's verbal Challenge    Presidentioal candidate of the New Democratic National Front Sajith Premadasa

Chandrika joined Sajith’s battle with a portion of SLFP

2019-11-01 5549
The ever gigantic Alliance in the political history was formed   32 political parties and 31 Organizations

They are from well-off families and we are from poor families

2019-11-01 5555
Addressing a rally, held in Chilaw yesterday, Presidential candidate of National Peoples’ Power, Anura Kumara

Giving luxury vehicles to Ministers comes to end after 16th

2019-11-01 5542
  One of the series of rallies to ensure the victory of Presidential candidate of New

Here is another Election result of the regime that wins first and then falls down

2019-11-01 5560
   The 2014 Western and Southern Palath Baba Elections were held on March 29. The Election

Developing the Agriculture with the use of modern technology

2019-10-31 5550
Giving back the lost dignity to war heroes……! Presidential candidate of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna

Sajith could not address the Rally of Kurunegala

2019-10-31 5563
“The lights suddenly went out in the area"   A Rally had been organized in Kurunegala to

If President is from Law country, Premiership should be given to Hill country -Navin-

2019-10-30 5553
“But I do not want the Premiership”.   Is Navin Dissanayake refereeing to Lakshman Kiriella?   Hand and Pohottuwa

University education for all youth who pass AL

2019-10-29 5562
Massive investment on education   Presidential candidate of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna Gotabaya Rajapaksha addressed a large

A new economic structure by Anura Kumara

2019-10-29 5566
The diplomatic services should be improved   Presidential candidate of National Peoples Power Anura Kumara Dissanayake addressed

“Youth Charter” the first in Asia from Sajith

2019-10-29 5559
 November 16th, the beginning of a new ear   The best youth in the whole world   Presidential candidate

Journalists condemned the way “Hiru – Derana” used its media against the Plantation Industries Minister

2019-10-29 5549
Journalists for Democracy come forward   Objections for the Election Commissioner   Here is the full story of Navin

Here is Ranil s stance on Sajith s social and political vision

2019-10-25 5558
Sajith's vision is practical     Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe pointed out that the people of this country

Ravi explains how the national security will be unsafe if Gota comes

2019-10-24 5548
Is democracy that safeguards the country or family favourism that safeguards the generation that should

Saharan’s God father is Gota, says Ranil

2019-10-24 5568
Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe stressed that it has been proved already that Gotabaya Rajapaksha is

Here those who are responsible for the Easter Sunday attacks

2019-10-23 5546
  (Sujith Mangala De Silva) The report of the parliamentary select Committee held investigate in to bombing

Sajith Challenge Gota for an Open Debate

2019-10-23 5563
"I am ready for any live TV Debate"    "If Gota is a Powerful Candidate he is

The Breath of Freedom of Gota spreading all over the Country

2019-10-23 5553
With the intention of conducting the Presidential election campaign of SLPP in a carbon-sensitive and

Two major camps are old and outdated

2019-10-23 5563
 Leaders fulfilled their aspirations   Presidential candidate of National People’s Power Anura Kumara Dissanayake explained his political

Here is the Whole Judgement given by American Courts on GR

2019-10-23 5548

People need a leader who represents people

2019-10-23 5561
"People need a change"   Presidential candidate of National People’s Movement and People’s Forum Organization, former Army

Ahimsa Wickramathunga sought justice over her father’s assassination at United State District Courts

2019-10-22 5553
Ahimsa Wickramathunga , the daughter of assassinated Co-founder and Editor-In – Chief of Sunday Leader

A large gathering in Nawalapitiya to see Sajith

2019-10-22 5569
 A group of SLFP regional leaders joined Sajith   Presidential candidate of New Democratic Front Sajith Premadasa

End to the drug menace under Gotabaya Government

2019-10-22 5568
Presidential candidate of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna, former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksha addressed huge gatherings

Journalists for Democracy rallied around Sajith Premadasa to defeats Gota

2019-10-21 5553
National Conference  will be held  on Tuesday  (22) at Foundation Institute    A Series of  Proposal some

Huge mass attended Public Rallies of Sajith so far

2019-10-18 5549
A country free of terrorism and drugs   Transformation in to an economy, based on modern knowledge   Presidential

Familifavourism or Democracy? - Decision is up to you

2019-10-16 5544
Cannot forget the way that Dictatorial Rajapaksha Regime violated the Democracy    Buds bloom and wither   Power will

Italian assistance for a Solid Waste Power plant

2019-10-15 5562
Italian Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Rita G. Mannella, said that Italian Government will extend technical

Sajith breaks R. Premadasa’s record

2019-10-12 5566
Prepared to address 150 Public Rallies throughout the country   The most highest number of Pubic Rallies

Field Marshal launched the operation to rescue the country from International Terrorism

2019-10-12 5609
National Security is established…! Field Marshal to be the Defense Secretary under Sajith’s Presidency..! Signs of Gitata’s

150,000 people had come to Colombo to see Sajith

2019-10-11 5673
(Sujith Mangala De Silva) Over 150,000 people had participated at the inaugural rally of Presidential candidate

Gota’s inaugural rally failed- only 13,000 participants..!

2019-10-10 6516
Mahinda got provoked - Shehan and S.M got reproached..!   Only 13,000 participants had attended the inaugural

To purchase another 3 Air crafts from a Ukrainian Company alleged of a MIG deal..!

2019-10-08 5558
Ukrainian Defense Ministry has declared not to deal with “Ukrinmash" Company..!   It was reported that the

The support of the Pilot who handled the International community in the war is for Sajith..!

2019-10-07 5784
“It’s only Sajith who can establish a united nation” (Sujith Mangala De Silva) Taking a political decision,

These are the reasons why GR cannot contest the Presidential Election..!

2019-10-01 5673
Allegations are serious- imprisonment is definite..!   ( victor Ivan) I have thoroughly studied the Courts cases,

Thissa, Sudath and Imitias have been appointed as Pilots of Sajith’s Political Campaign..!

2019-09-26 6087
A Respectful position to Thissa from Sajith..!   Sudath Chandrasekara initiated the Operations..! (Sujith Mangala De Silva) Former Secretary

A respectful invitation to all those who left the UNP from Sajith Premadasa..!

2019-09-25 6741
Deputy leader of the United National Party, Sajith Premadasa issuing a special request, invited all


2019-09-24 8085

Gota can be defeated only by a common candidate..!

2019-09-23 6072
No candidate can obtain 50%...!   Even the same Good Governance Camp which was 2015 comes, no

The Speaker is ready for the National candidacy..!

2019-09-17 7686
The Speaker bows his head for the request of the majority..!   The intention is to abolish

Gecko names spark uproar in Sri Lanka..!

2019-09-13 9625
A team of Sri Lankan scientists caused uproar in parliament and sparked a police probe

Sajith-Dudley -secret meeting exposed..!

2019-09-11 9943
Extensive talks at “Jaic Hilton”   A special meeting and a discussion between Deputy leader of the

Malik got knocked by Ranil for accusing Ravi ….!

2019-09-11 8360
Ranil reminded the past to Malik..!   “You came for the discussion with a crowd due to

Ranil- Sajith discussions are peaceful..! But no conclusion..!

2019-09-11 6250
“ Malik Kabeer" entered the discussion by force..!   Ranil told Sajith to come with the support

Prime Minister decides to contest the Presidential Election..!

2019-09-08 5975
“If anyone changes will see at the Working Committee”   “A country cannot be governed at grassroots

How Lakshman Kiriella unclothed Kabeer Haseem..!

2019-09-06 5662
All conspiracies against UNP and the leader, revealed..!   “ Kabeer Haseem is an Outcaste”   Oust Kabeer Haseem

Sajith divides the UNP for Maithree- Kilee..!

2019-09-04 5602
Cease War is violated..!   UNP Provincial Counselors are called on to Sugathadasa..!   Members are invited on the

A broad movement by President to rescue the country..!

2019-09-04 5633
“Spending Rs. 4500 million to select a token president is a waste”   General Election is important.

Sajith sells Modi’s name to win the back benchers….!

2019-08-30 5625
Back benchers request Sajith not to host parties that split UNP..!   Only 32 MPs to the

Ravi Karunanayake strengthened the International Relations of UNP..!

2019-08-30 5686
22 Foreign Ambassadors met the Prime Minister..!   A special Diner for Ambassadors by the Deputy leader..!     A

Advises from the Speaker to Deputy Leader of UNP..!

2019-08-28 5563
Don’t split the party- settle issues internally..!   Speaker Mr. Karu Jayasuriya had advised Deputy Leader Mr.

Gota ordered Namal to apologies the Journalists in public..!

2019-08-28 5578
Gota’s pick reaching the red range because of Namal..!   Thrashing around been antagonized..!   Gota has decided to

Ajith – Sujeewa refused to tender explanations..!

2019-08-28 5580
UNP becomes a doss house that has no discipline and law..!   Signs of Ajith- Sujeewa been

Maithree – Chandrika together said “Presidential stories” are not necessary..!

2019-08-28 5546
“My decision about the Presidential Election is, after it is announced”   “What is important next is

Maithree – Chandrika together again against the Dictatorial Regime..!

2019-08-23 5575
A crucial meeting between the two parties..!   Discussion went on for 45 minutes..!    Chandrika assured Maithree’s safety..!   Common

Sajith met Sambandan – Requested TNA support..!

2019-08-23 5571
Sambandan stated that he will announce his stand when the Presidential election is declared….!   Sajith met

It has been revealed that the house, in which Sajith’s party was hosted, does not belong to Sujeewa..!

2019-08-22 5631
The house where the party was held, belongs to a Doctor, an associate of the

Leaders of the UNP are on alert over Sajith’s silence on Gota..!

2019-08-22 5556
Journalists question Ranil over Sajith’s silence..! (Sujith Mangala De Silva) The special attention of the leaders of

Phone calls from Jalani Premadasa to the back-benchers of UNP..!

2019-08-22 5591
Lady commences operations..!   (Sujith Mangala De Silva) Mrs. Jalani Premadasa, spouse of Mr. Sajith Premadasa has commenced

If Karu comes, Gota will have no chance…..!

2019-08-20 5543
If Sajith comes, Gota – Anura will be beneficial..!   It was revealed that Karu is the

Election Commissioner promised to accept the nominations of Gota..!

2019-08-17 5544
A secret meeting between Gota- Mahinda..!   Matchmaking by Major General Hendawitharana..!   (Sujith Mangala De Silva) Chairman of the

Karu to illuminate the UNP from darkness..!

2019-08-16 5568
The blessings of the Prime Minister too is to the Speaker..!   Maha Sanga’s attention on the

Helping hand of Russia to develop the Sri Lanka Power Sector..!

2019-08-07 5538
Special attention of Russian Government on Coal and Gas Power Plants..!   Investment Program between two countries..!   A

Ranil – Sajith both to contest from UNP..!

2019-08-07 5560
Signs of a fracture in the party – Gota to get the advantage..! Ranil - Sajith

Maithree – Mahinda to a concord - Gota got through..!

2019-08-07 5550
The truth between the meeting of President – Opposition leader..! President, Mr. Maithreepala Sirisena and Opposition

Sajith Premadasa and anti UNPers got naked at the Working Committee..!

2019-08-02 5622
35 for the new Alliance while 8 against..! As usual the Deputy Leader of UNP betrayed

Bringing a Premadasa Regime again to burn young on tires..?

2019-08-01 5597
Does the country need again the Tire Cremation Culture…?   (Sujith Mangala De Silva) When I heard that

Leftist Parties in Pohottuwa stand against Gota..!

2019-07-31 5576
Demand for Dinesh Gunawardena..!   Suspicion whether Gota is an American conspiracy..!   (Sujith Mangala De Silva)  The leftist parties

New scheme to settle fuel debts from Naveen..!

2019-07-26 5546
A discussion on exporting locally manufactured Tea to Iran, has been held under the patronage

Sajith Premadasa affirms that he is the son of Ranasinghe Premadasa again by action..!

2019-07-25 5556
Disruptions for UNP’s new Alliance..!   “Ranasinghe Premadasa too grabbed the UNP candidature exerting death threats to

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna is launched tomorrow..!

2019-07-25 5587
10 Political Parties will sign the pact..!   Discussions with another 20 political parties are in process..!   10

Minority candidate for the presidential election from Azad Salley..!

Former Western Province Governor and National Alliance Leader, Azad Salley warned that a Muslim or

A secret message from Sajith to Gota..!

"Gota-fear” confirmed- Sajith recedes..!   Milinda Moragoda’s operations for the "Indu- China- America" support for Pohottuwa, is in

"Religious Leaders are insulted to incite mass"

Opposition leader Those who rule the country today, are in a process of inciting mass

Prime Minister is ready to appear..!

(Nayake Bandara)  Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe has decided to appear before the Special Parliamentary Select Committee to

Prime Minister pays tribute to JPV for proving the strength of the Government from the No-confidence motion..!

UNP confirms victory of presidential election by defeating the no confidence motion..!   The Opposition scoffs at

The Maha Sanga emphasized that the Speaker is the only national leader to whom the country can be handed over..!

President and Prime Minister should bless the Speaker….!   It is only the Speaker, who could bring

Plantation Minister takes steps to produce quality tea using organic fertilizer..!

A new Project will be launched under the guidance of Minister of Plantation Industries, Mr.

Malik – Kabir to serve Field Marshal evading Sajith..!

“ Malik – Kabir – Mangala- Ranjith – Thalatha become Orphans due to Sajith"   "Ranil –

PM slaps UNP Ministers for direct dealings with Executive..!

“ Leader of the House safeguards Government , Party and himself against the Executive”   “ I

The victory of the National Candidate is confirmed by a Public Research..!

The majority will not vote..!   Pohotuwa gets the highest preference..!   The Vote base of UNP goes down

Buddhist Sajith takes the revenge from a Buddhist Monk against Catholic Ravi..!

The Deputy Leader under Wrath of Maha Sangarathnaya..!  Darkness covers Kuragala Sacred Site..!        

Most Ven Kotugoda Dammawasa Precise Lanka News Week..!

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Attorney General Instructs Acting IGP To Initiate Action Against Nine Senior Police Officers..!

The Attorney General has instructed the Acting IGP to initiate disciplinary and criminal action against

Prime Minister Says He Managed To Rescue Sri Lanka From Bankruptcy

The opposition says there is no government in the country. For last 21 years when