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Mugging millions from the insurance of Middle East maids

2023-03-03 7778
  The Sri Lankan Emigrant Benevolent Association in a letter to the Sri Lankan Ambassador in

How Sajith swindled 4800 million from the Central Cultural Fund has come to light

2022-09-25 7931
  Distributed money like a Santa Claus     But no work has been done   The National Audit Report

How Maithri-Ratana took bribe to free Royal Park murderer

2022-07-08 7610
  The bribe was fifty million   Maithri's cloth and Ratan's robe came off   (By Srilal Priyantha) "Drug traffickers, murderers,

Was there an invisible hand behind the Easter attack..?

2022-03-07 7777
  (Victor Ivan)   The country is moving towards pitch darkness instead of from darkness to light. It

Passport fraud of rogue Diana who brought a damn proposal

2022-01-28 7868
  If the law was implemented, five years imprisonment..!     (Article by Poddala Jayantha translated by Rumi Speelberg)   It

The root of Maithris dollar scam that Ravi revealed..!

2022-01-13 7919
  The dollars came to Elcardo Company   The owner of the Company is Daham Sirisena's father-in-law   The reason

Why do elephants attack humans..?

2021-10-15 7826
  Why an effective long term solution has not been found yet..?   A team to develop a

The Pandemic and Crimes

2021-09-11 7779
  (Victor Ivan)   Now Sri Lanka lies in a narrow plateau found before a great abyss on

Isolation from social life to social media

2021-06-21 7826
Social media has replaced a sufficient sleep..?                     How

The story of the fire of the Express Pearl that was extinguished by the Ports Minister’s mouth blow..!

2021-06-01 7745
Why was the ship that rejected by two world ports, allowed to enter Colombo   Was there

Crowning Corona-A Disaster to Humanity and Democracy 

2021-05-02 7596
  (Professor Ananda Jayawickrama)    The COVID-19 pandemic or Corona pandemic, beyond its impact on health budget and

Corona Control in Sri Lanka-A Case of Failure to Save Lives and the Economy 

2021-02-19 7600
(Professor Ananda Jayawickrama)    The globe was hit by three major pandemics in the 20th century, the

"One-Galle Face" becomes a deserted graveyard – Investment in water ..!

2021-01-25 7734
Here's how the Foreign Giant "Shangri-La" came to our country, exploits local Sri Lankan investors

Generation Alpha Is Coming And It Will Change The World Forever

2020-11-07 7749
(Deshapriya Nanayakkara)   Generation Alpha (or Gen Alpha for short) is the demographic cohort succeeding Generation Z.

Tales of a Mortician – appreciate life differently to most- Shannon Raymond

2020-11-07 7605
Death is inevitable and this is one fact we should deal with in life. The

No new ventilators since March

2020-11-01 7705
No orders placed by Govt. since first outbreak   Chief Epidemiologist claims things under control   (By Maheesha Mudugamuwa)   Despite

Millennial prefer a military regime

2020-10-27 7720
Millennial give less value for freedom of speech   Hilary Clinton would have won if the majority

Covid-19 - Sri Lanka fights shy of community spread

2020-10-26 7633
Sri Lanka which is in its second wave of the Covid-19 global pandemic is showing

Understanding Core Issues

2020-06-05 7711
 key for solution   (Victor Ivan) Some of the viewer –responses that I received for my article titled

COVID 19 impact on Education Sector in Sri Lanka

2020-05-07 7831
  WORLD TREND     (Professor Kennedy D. Gunawardena)  The United Nations recently reported that 166 countries closed schools and

Overcoming a pandemic may look like fighting a war, but the real need is far from that

2020-04-12 7702
(Written By Amartya Sen)   Tackling a social calamity is not like fighting a war which works

How can I shop or get deliveries and takeaways safely..?

2020-03-28 7706
Remember a time - just a few weeks ago - when a trip to the

What can West learn from Asia s coronavirus fight..?

2020-03-23 7693
The number of coronavirus cases in the West is skyrocketing, and countries have announced drastic


2020-03-14 7687
(Victor Ivan) The forthcoming Parliamentary election has become the main concern nowadays, of not only the

Is the coronavirus killed by heat and sunlight..?

2020-03-08 7697
(Lalith De Mel) The statistics published suggest that in hot countries with a lot of sunlight

Writing on the wall

2020-02-29 7699
Quick! Pick between reading this and opting to do something that really makes you happy.

Wife of ex-SriLankan executive in huge Airbus bribery scandal

2020-02-02 7590
Airbus SE hired the wife of a SriLankan Airlines (SLA) executive as a business partner

Countries with high Democracy - 2020

2020-01-13 7593
What is a democracy? A democracy is a form of government where the citizens of

Singing the National Anthem in Tamil is it a disgrace to the Sinhala Buddhists..?

2020-01-11 7808
(victor Ivan) The hopes of the Sinhala Buddhists people on President Gotabaya Rajapaksa still remain high.

Did Baba Wanga’s predictions come true

2019-12-03 8112
What will happen in 2019..?   5079 will be the end of the world..! Baba Wanga is the

Were they killed or died

2019-11-12 7777
There are few deaths of world famous personalities that took place a long time ago

Reflections on Presidential Elections

2019-10-26 7723
(Victor Ivan) The 2010 Presidential Election was a royal battle fought between two war heroes, followed

Puzzles of Sri Lanka

2019-10-12 7699
(Victor Ivan) Gotabaya Rajapaksa, presidential candidate of the Podujana Peramuna was able to hand in nomination

Is there life on Mars..?

2019-10-05 7715
Rover 2020 will land on Mars in 2020..!   Next July the Mars 2020 Rover will begin

Home affairs minister is naked with thieves..!

2019-09-08 7766
Sanjeewa Wijeweera who defrauded in Millions is free with the blessings of Wajira Abeywardena...!   Was it

What is the meaning of “ Bohra”..!

2019-09-05 7713
Who can bring peace to the whole world..?   Who is the real leader of Bohras..?   Out of

What happened to the secret Tunnel found in Sigiriya Rock.?

2019-08-16 8171
 Who moved valuable Antics to British Museum..!   Sigiri Rock is a spectacular creation which is full

The sex scandal at the heart of the Afghan government..!

In a house near the foot of the dusty mountains that surround Kabul, I meet


EVOLUTION FROM AL-QAEDA TO NATIONAL THAWHEED JAMA’T The Islamic State (IS) also known as the Islamic