Tuesday 23rd of July 2024

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Common Candidate Excites Popular Imagination

2024-07-19 1026
  (Dr Jehan Perera) The question mark that hangs over the presidential election due in October this

Report on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Its Impact on Legal Practice

2024-05-05 13995
  (Palitha Subasinghe-Attorney at Law)   Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative technology with the potential

Justice Does Not Require A Mandate But A New Government

2024-04-24 13993
  (Dr Jehan Perara)   On April 21, the country passed the fifth year anniversary of the Easter

Inclusion Includes Women

2024-04-02 14001
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   President Ranil Wickremesinghe has announced that the government has enacted 42 new laws

Reconciliation Process Requires Fairness & Equal Treatment

2023-12-08 13995
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   Minorities for the most part live in some apprehension of the power of

The SJB operations that made Rajapakshas Thieves before the Supreme Court..!

2023-11-16 13990
  A historic victory for Sri Lankans..!   More achievements to come..!     In a landmark legal triumph, the Samagi

CID reveals Diana Gamage has two birth certificates hid UK citizenship

2023-10-28 13988
  B-report makes startling revelations about Tourism State Minister   (BY Buddhika Samaraweera) The B-report submitted by the Criminal

New Mandates Before New Amendments

2023-10-19 13998
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The interest in the electoral process has suddenly been sparked off by news

The Courts Would Be The Better Option For Undemocratic Actions To Be Contested

2023-10-04 13989
  (Dr Jehan Perera)   The government has allocated Rs 11 billion in the provisional budget for next

Garnier Banister-Nishantha Silva and Shani Abeysekara

2023-07-31 13993
     (Aruna Jayawardhana)   We mentioned at the end of the article, published last week under the caption

It is true that Garniya Bannister pleaded guilty at court-but the case is not simple

2023-07-25 13960
  (Aruna Jayawardhana)   Ganiya Bannister Francis pleaded guilty for charges against her at Colombo High Court on

Supreme Court Shows Democratic Route To Government

2023-03-14 13965
  (Jehan Perera)   The economy is beginning to give indications of macro stability which President Ranil Wickremesinghe

Select your most appropriate life partner Separation is not easy as partnering

2022-06-29 13964
  Two people get married on love or a proposal and decide to go on their

The Judiciary and the Crisis

2021-12-26 13963
  (Victor Ivan)   Not only the economy but also the socio-political system of Sri Lanka is in

Defeating the Spurious Constitution

2021-11-15 13964
  (Victor Ivan)   The Constitution can be considered as the supreme law that determines the rights of

The Rule of law

2021-09-11 13964
  (Victor Ivan)   As a country Sri Lanka is currently in a great crisis which cannot be

Do not hand over the administration of the country to dual citizens

2020-10-21 13963
It is against the people’s will       The attempt to reform the constitution to make it


2020-02-29 13966
(victor ivan) The whole system of the country which had been crumbling is now on the

What is Family Law?

2019-12-07 13964
Family law consists of a body of statutes and case precedents that govern the legal