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Will China invade Taiwan..?

2023-10-01 1528

As Russian - Ukraine conflict is going more critical day by day.There is a great tension up lifting in East Asia.What is that war? It will be between China and Taiwan.Like conflict between Russia and Ukraine America is behind this. Now a days America is neglecting the concept of one China,they agreed in the past. They have put this policy away and America  is now standing for the independence of Taiwan.America acted like this in Ukraine.And they pushed them against Russia. There are several expects in this igniting the China Taiwan war.If China starts a war against Taiwan,it is a American plan to weaken  the economic,political and military power that China has got infront of the world.After weaking China America can rob Asia. Therefore they are using historical tension between China and Taiwan to achieve their goles.There are two real stories to both China and Taiwan.

But the West allways says to the nations to obey to international laws. According to international law there is no a country named Taiwan. Taiwan is a part of China according to the inter national laws. Americans are also in that policy up to now. Now they are working against this law on behalf of their advantage . We can have a clear understanding about international law from this insident,West thinks that international law must be under their control.However there is a question rather than China and Taiwan.That is about the ownership of South China sea.China says,that they have the rigth to use 90% of South China sea. China is not agreed with the discission that given by UN about the ownership of South China sea . There are few countries against China.Philippines and Vietnam are also asking their rights if South China sea.Not only that South Korea and Japhan are also asking their rights for South China sea and there is a hidden tension among these countries.

If China fires their weapons towards Taiwan,there will be another two or three countries against them. Philippines are also waiting to fire towards China.That warning has already given yo China to Philippines.Did you know that China has marked their territory in South China dea by using floating berries including the Philippine areas. But Philippines don't agree with this floarting barriers established by China.Philippine army went there like fishermen and destroyed all of them. Finally all the barriers are floated to the China's coast.However China has not taken an action against this. Yes this is a great challenge and a great insult to China.China will understand war in South China sea is not much easy.

Taiwan is marching towards the independent from China.China knows that,it is not a slow march but it is a hurry run.China knows that, this issue is internationalzed more than China except.The speaker of American Parliament Mr.Nancy pelosi bought a lot of international attention to the Taiwan issue.At that day even China didn't thinj that Nancy wouldn't land in Tiawan. Nancy did not think about China's opposing about his visit of Taiwan. China unable to do any thing about this visit.America took the advantage from that and accelerated the Taiwan operation. They gave lot of new weapons to Taiwan to improve their military power.Taiwan is very good developed area in the world and America has started it's political operation in this zone. It is actually a conspiracy.

America and Taiwan tried to make the 78 United Nations general conference to do this.Along with America and eleven other countries supported to do this mission.These countries tried to pass resolution  supporting Taiwan's independence at the UN.China put its massive objection and stoped it. It is very clear that China's intelligence new this very well.That is why they did not give much value the UN conference.Chinese president Xi jing ping did not participate in the conference.China submitted a join development plan to Taiwan at the united nations,this gives China to peaceful annex Taiwan to China. bBut Taiwan suddenly  rejected the proposal.

After rejection,Taiwan told to China don't try to entangle with us,we are a developed,separate nation and go and try to improve your broken Chinese economy.China told this is the final chance that they give to Taiwan.China's anger was raison by the action they tried to do in UN.

Now China knows, that there are no any chance to annex Taiwan in a peaceful manner.China got only two answers for this question.They must give up Taiwan or they must surrender Taiwan by using military power.China never give up Taiwan and they will select the second solution.Now Xi Jing Ping has ordered to Chinese army to get ready for a war.In these days China is doing a massive military exercise near Taiwan and meaning of this oppration is "to defeat separatisam".

China's largest war ship accompanied with 50 other war ships are around Taiwan.News come from Taiwan says, this oppration is very different from the other opprations that China has done in past. this military exercise poses a threat yo Taiwan.In this case more than hundred of Chinese fighter jets violated the Taiwans air space.

Ratea Rala says,that China will choose the war against Taiwan at the movement,but pentagan says that China will not go for a war. Because of Chaina's economiy has calapsed rapidly. Day by day Taiwan get more international recognition and they get newly build weapons from the West. these things are massive challenges to China.
Ratea  Rala thiks that China is also thinks like that.

In near past Taiwan deployed a submarine that manufactured by them self,even they can adept western guns on it.Like this Taiwan is also getting more powerfull  weapons and strength in their military power because of the delay of China.Now this issue can not solve in simple manner. Russia is at a war with NATO inside the territory of Ukraine.Because of that America reduces it's military burden that can be put on China - Taiwan war.If America attend this, as a result of that American government can be closed from the first of October. China can use the arising patriotism against the separatism to up lift their economiy. Ratea Rala thinks that China will already starts a massive war against Taiwan but they can't do this because of the conflict of South China sea.

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Ratea Rala.