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Pay immediate attention to maternal mood

2022-03-24 7752



The nutrition of future generation is in danger..!


Does the Government have a vision for the mental and physical health of mothers..?


(Deshapriya Nanayakkara)
(Translated by Rumi Speelberg)


There is no national focus on maternal mood in pregnancy upon the pregnancy and childhood development.  Historically, the only option for infant feeding was to breastfeed the baby, otherwise the baby would perish.

According to the convention on the rights of the child, every infant and child has the right to good nutrition. There are around 970 live births per day in Sri Lanka. Accordingly around 349,200 live births take place in a year. What is the vision of the modern state regarding the mental and physical health of the women who give birth to these babies..?

Mentioning in this article that the Good Governance government gave a nutritional package to pregnant women because they had the right scientific thinking about the future of the nation is a tribute to free education, is a truth.  

The other hand the necessity nutrition for the Fetal Development is a huge challenge in modern situation. The future generation of Sri Lankans will have to face many major health threats due to the increasing daily cyclical catastrophes caused by the ignorant, failed and pseudo-patriotic Sri Lankan society.

The impact of the above catastrophes is more crucial on the emotions of pregnant mothers. This is studied according to Stress Physiology. According to a study carried out by Cambridge University, parents who connect with the infants during the pregnancy, practice inter activities more positively which has been proved scientifically.

The healthy development of their children is extremely crucial due to the frantic uncontrollable social crises that are building up and being practiced in Sri Lankan society today. On the other hand, the nutrition required for fetal development is a major challenge in the modern world. The future generation of Sri Lankans will face many major health threats due to the increasing cyclonic cyclones that are building up daily on the disasters that modern Sri Lankan society has inflicted by ignorant, failed and pseudo-patriots.

According to the daily lifestyle, how does the mental state of pregnant mothers impact the vitality of the unborn baby..? According to statistics, there are 4,061,683 children studying in 10,165 government schools islandwide. 136,168 students are studying in private schools. There are 68,246 students studying in Pirivenas. The total is 4,265,067. (2020 Statistics Tutorial Page 390.). The nutrition of all these children is at a great risk.

The time has come for educated, intelligent and shy people who are committed to the common good to focus on a scientific, technological and political policy cycle. With respect to a better future.