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Just saw a Government that covers the face from the -Saron- to escape the shame

2021-12-29 2679


The people do not get any relief from this Government


Strongly condemns the closure of consulates in countries including Cyprus simply for cost cutting


Treasurer of 'Ethera Api', Janaka Adhikari, has accused that the Government’s closure of the Consulates in several countries, including just like covering the face from the “saron” to escape the shame.  

Treasurer of 'Ethera Api', Attorney-at-Law Janaka Adhikari made these observations at a press conference held at the JVP headquarters, where he further expressed.

The Government has taken steps to close the Consulates in several countries, including Cyprus for cost cutting. Is this the only way of cutting costs? When the President has the ability to get anywhere in the country in the Helicopter within 45 minutes many President’s Houses are maintained across the country. Can't these Houses be closed?  

Ministers spend hundreds of thousands on vehicles, official residences and pensions for their own comfort. Can't those expenses be stopped? If the institutions that provide facilities to the people of Sri Lanka are shut down, isn't the government doing the same thing as covering its face with “ saron” to cover up shame? Doesn't the government understand that its nakedness is being displayed to the whole world?

There were only six employees in the Consulate in Cyprus. Can't the Government maintain these six employees? When this Consulate is closed, will the Sri Lankans in Cyprus have to go to the Italian Embassy to solve their problems? In this context, the Cabinet recently decided to establish diplomatic relations with Liechtenstein, a very small country of about 165 square kilometers and a population of about 38,000. This is a country like Swaziland with very concessionary tax policies. Who needs tax relief in such a country? Do the people of our country need tax relief in such a country? But the Consulate in Cyprus, where around 15,000 Sri Lankans live , is being shut down.

By now Mahindananda Aluthgamage has gone abroad. The Finance Minister is out of the country. When these Ministers go abroad, how much do the Sri Lankan Embassies in those countries have to spend on those tours? The fees Ministers have to inquire to use toilets are paid by the tax money paid by the people of this country. To cut cost these expenses should be stopped. These are very unjustifiable decisions. The Government decided to shut down the diplomatic services in these countries including Cyprus to embarrass Sri Lankans. Embarrassing people has become a hobby of this Government

 In agriculture the same situation applies. It is the same in other industries too. The same is true in other industries. There is no relief for fuel. No relief from sugar, no relief from onion. This Government is cutting reliefs to be given to those who went abroad for employment since there were no job opportunities in the country due the Government’s inability to implement an effective scheme to provide sufficient employment. Hence we urge the Government not to take bankrupt decisions and shutdown consulates in these countries.