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A question paper for the opposition..!

2021-12-20 6568


Are you ready to face if the country collapsed?


Victor Ivan questions


A political, economic, social analyst and veteran Journalist, Victor Ivan questions whether the Opposition has a vision to deal with if the country collapses in the face of the severe crisis that has emerged.

Veteran Journalist, Victor Ivan while pointing out that it is not difficult to understand the  ability of the Government to deal with if the country collapsed further stressed.

"When will the collapse take place? That collapse could take place before the Presidential election or less than a year from today. It is not difficult to understand the government's potential to face such a situation. If such a situation emerges, do the Opposition parties have a vision to face it? In what way the opposition is going to acquire power without facing an election?  At the moment, the Opposition parties are focusing on the future election instead of the crisis or the imminent consequences of the crisis. If so, how are they going to come to power without an election? None of them are formally talking about what reforms they will make if they win the Presidential election.

What is the policy to be followed regarding the presidential system? If that system is maintained, at least will a system below the present Presidential law which is above the general law be established? Will the judiciary be given the power to cancel the action taken by the President if those are against the law? Will they act to end the looting of public property jointly by the President and government Parliamentarians in various ways against the law?

What are the policies and provisions to be made for that? Will laws be brought to control funds of political parties and funds of elections? Will laws be enacted to ensure the internal democracy of the parties? In what manner the collapsed national unity will be restored? Do not the Opposition political parties have a responsibility to inform the public in advance over these basic questions..?