Sunday 23rd of January 2022

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A public lawsuit is being filed against the government

2021-12-01 9644


The aim is to defeat the President's fraudulent constitution


The new constitution must be built with the participation of the people


Veteran Journalist and Socio-Political and Economic Analyst, Victor Ivan emphasizes that the country urgently needs a public lawsuit is required in order to win  a program to prepare a Constitution with the participation  of the public to defeat the President's fraudulent legislative program to prepare a Constitution.

Mr. Victor Ivan who stressed that it should be a public lawsuit established with the aim of obtaining orders against the government’s legislative program to build a fraudulent Constitution and to get guidance for composing a Constitution with the participation of the public, pointed out that through that a series of public protests should be held across the country.

That lawsuit should be a collective process with the involvement of all races and religions, oppressed groups, communities, farmers, fishermen, trade unions, professionals, civil society organizations, businessmen and political parties.

Mr. Victor Ivan while requesting from all to pay serious attention to this fundamental and serious issue in the facing the country stated that the citizens who are willing to participate at this lawsuit can get further information via the mobile numbers of 077 3184532 or 0773601343. Victor Ivan further emphasized that a large number of public organizations have already come together to build this public lawsuit.