Tuesday 7th of December 2021

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Lets cultivate cannabis and rebuild the country

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No need to kneel down before the IMF


Can earn billions of dollars by exporting cannabis


Diana Gamage explains how to rescue the country from debts



Parliamentarian Diana Gamage emphasized that the country could be rescued from debts by earning a large amount of foreign exchange through the legalization of cannabis and the cultivation and exporting of cannabis under the patronages of the state.

Ms. Diana Gamage points out that the time has come to legalize and export cannabis, a great gift of nature, on a large scale in the face of the loss of space in the international market for commercial crops such as tea, rubber and coconut. .

Parliamentarian, Diana Gamage made these observations in Parliament on Tuesday (16) while presenting the forecasted data on other countries in the world that earn income from exporting   cannabis as well as the benefits of cannabis exports in the future.

.Ms. Diana Gamage, who stated that there is no need to seek further financial assistance from International Financial Institutions, including the International Monetary Fund, pointed out that the country can earn billions of US dollars in foreign exchange through the cultivation and exporting of cannabis as a commercial crop.

Ms. Diana Gamage who pointed out that our country has been unable to earn a large foreign exchange by legalizing the cultivation of cannabis as a commercial crop under the patronage of the government in a large scale due to an Ordinance enacted during the British era, emphasized that this outdated law should be repealed.