Monday 6th of December 2021

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Keheliya also makes up his mind-looks some other way..!

2021-11-17 6211

(Achintha Madura Samarasinghe)


Health Minister, Keheliya Rambukwella at a media briefing held at the Ministry of Health emphasized that if he is unable to correct things as the Minister in charge of the subject, he will look some other way.

Health Minister, Keheliya Rambukwella said that there was no conflict between him and the President over the appointment of the new Director General of the National Drug Regulatory Authority.

Mr. Keheliya Rambukwella who stated that according to the Act, the authority to appoint its Director General is vested in him as the Minister in charge of the subject and that the letter of appointment was signed and handed over to the relevant official with his signature, further expressed in the media briefing.

"When the vacancy had arisen, few prospective candidates have been summoned. Some sort of a selection was temporarily made.  When that selection was analyzed, at that time and found that the candidate did not have relevant qualifications submitted by him, I had a lengthy discussion with the President over that issue, and we decided to appoint a candidate who had all the relevant qualifications having reached an agreement with the President.  

There are certain qualifications in that subject. Accordingly, the appointment should be made   with the consent of the Board of the National Drug Regulatory Authority and the Minister. Somehow they are bound to carry out the order given by the Minister. There was some contradiction. I stopped it."