Monday 6th of December 2021

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Peoples hopes were dashed by the Budget

2021-11-15 6039


A Budget without reliefs was presented to the people


Chief Opposition Whip and Parliamentarian, Lakshman Kiriella expressed that the Budget presented by Finance Minister, Basil Rajapaksha in Parliament this time has nothing for the general public of the country.

He, who expressed his views further stated

The people who were severely affected by the increase in prices of commodities and the loss of income were very confident about the Budget this time. All their hopes were dashed. This Budget has no measures to reduce the prices of essential commodities, solutions for the unemployment of youth and getting foreign investments to the country.

Although the Minister of Finance stated that the government revenue has decreased by Rs. 500 billion, the main reason for the decrease in that revenue was the wrong decisions of the government itself. The country lost Rs.500 billion for giving tax reliefs to the businessmen.

Although the people expected a long term plan to overcome the crisis situation in the country, this Budget does not have anything as expected.  Instead, some of the points made in the 2010 budget were mentioned in this Budget too. The Finance Minister presented a Budget which does not include solutions for the problems of the country and no reliefs for the people