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The government has to establish the rule of law

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Pay for Chine’s fertilizer whether brought or not


The government avoids giving solutions


20th Amendment was to bring the American Citizen to the parliament


People should come forward


Thieves and murderers are being released day by day


One country – One law?


(Sujith Mangala De Silva and Rumi Speelberg)


Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Propaganda Secretary, Vijitha Herath says that when the people are suffering day by day being unable to live, the government is avoiding to  provide  solutions with due interference.

JVP Propaganda Secretary, Vijitha Herath made these observations at a media briefing held at the JVP Head Office in Battaramulla on Wednesday (03) where he further expressed

Due to the increase in prices of goods the expenses have increased to a level where the people cannot live. The income has not gone up according to the living expenses.  In the meantime, there is also a shortage of gas, cement, milk powder, sugar and kerosene. We have to wait in quies to buy these commodities.  Also, the control price has gone out of control. The control prices for various commodities including rice, cement, sugar and milk powder have been removed. The government too is out of control. Due to this the people of the country have fallen into many serious crises.

There is a notorious racket regarding essential food items of the people. The government lost Rs. 15 billion from the sugar tax fraud. So far sugar is imported at 25 cents tax. As a result of this, the government lost Rs. 60 billion up to now. The government is away from control. From whom do people get answers to these questions? Everything has gone astray. Everyone knows that 10% commission is demanded from cement Importers.

Some Ministers openly speak to importers. When there is a dollar crisis, the cement price further goes up when this 10% is paid. The dollar crisis created by the government and the demand for commissions have caused the rise in cement prices. In this situation the country is in a severe economic crisis. Inflation which remained at 4.8% a year earlier as an average had risen to 7.6%. The deformed man with seven brains could not control this situation.

It is Rs. 2.1 billion. The People’s Bank has to pay this amount even this fertilizer shipment was brought or not. This money belongs to innocent people of this county. The Bank is obliged to pay this money as per the International Law 600 - Uniform Customs and Taxes.

When the Plant Quarantine Services of our country rejected the import of garbage fertilizer from China, the next stupid action taken by the government was to import Nano fertilizer from India. Rs. 2,900 million was deposited after opening a private account in People’s Bank.   Last Friday that account was closed and paid this money to India for this Nano Nitrogen fertilizer having transferred this money to the suspension account of the Bank.

There are protests all over the country over prices of commodities, wages and other issues, including fertilizer. Meanwhile the Trade Unions in this country have launched protests against the sale of national resources. What the government wants is to cover up all the real issues of the people.

Because of the wrong practices of these rulers, one law applies to the little man and another to the powerful. The rule of law is collapsing. A key responsibility of the government is to establish the rule of law in the country.

The protection of the rights of all citizens is made very clear in the Constitution. The slogan of “One country-one law” was brought to the fore accordingly. Assured to enforce the law equally for everyone. But today, thieves and murderers are being released day by day.

Now the government is trying to create a conflict between a Catholic-Buddhist or Buddhist-Islamic. If Father Rev. Cyril Gamini is arrested, the Catholic people will take to the streets against it. While trying to arrest Father Cyril Gamini, Ven. Galabodaaththe Gnanasara Thera has been appointed as the Chairman of the Task Force the government is sowing the seeds to create other conflicts in the future.  Attempts are being made to confuse the minds of the people and divide the society into racist and religious divisions.

Therefore, we urge the people not to fall prey to these racist traps. Come forward consciously to find solutions to your real problems. Rally against this treacherous government. This government will not solve your real problems. Therefore, we invite all people to rally against the government

Responding to questions, raised by journalists, he further added:

The opportunity to represent the parliament for the dual citizens was granted by the 20th Amendment. We clearly stated that this opportunity was established to bring the American citizen to the parliament. Those who are speaking today advocated to bring the American citizen to the parliament. Those people also supported give the Finance Minister position to a person who is being prosecuted in the courts for money laundering.

It was said that the Kerawalapitiya Power Plant would be given not to the United States but to an American Company. Those gentlemen who said so have to face it today as a travesty of history. This is a fraud. Today they are opposing the transfer of our energy to the United States by creating all the background to make the American citizen the Minister of Finance. This is clearly a drama.

The Trade Union Alliance of Ports, Petroleum and Electricity have launched protests against the sale of our country's resources. That Alliance conducts discussions with various political parties and conducts awareness programs. We do not see any wrong with that. He is finding tactics to protect his Ministerial portfolio while   appeasing the protests of the people in the face of the opposition from the people of the country and awareness of the Trade Unions.

There are court case files related to their previous thefts. Hence they cannot jump either. But they show that they are to jump. This is a drama. There is no necessity to wait until Trade Unions aware the public to tell frankly.  They had to stand against those decisions on the very first day that the Cabinet paper was tabled. They started the drama when the Trade Unions were moving ahead while educating the public.