Wednesday 8th of December 2021

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This government does not have the backbone which the Director of Agriculture had

2021-10-26 5824


(Samith Isuranga)


Opposition leader, Sajith Premadasa alleged that this government, which exhibited as having patents on patriotism, a sovereign country and the motherland, has now fallen on its knees in front of a ship full of excrement.

Opposition leader, Sajith Premadasa made this observations while participating in the “Govi Hada Gasma” program and farmers' protest, held at Lunugamvehera on Sunday (24).

The problems faced by the farmers in the area were discussed at length by the leader of the Opposition where he further expressed

Heroes who boasted of patriotism are now in hiding. The government is playing with the lives of the people by betraying the whole country for commissions.The government is making a desperate attempt to bring back the ship of fertilizer which failed many tests in order to supply the same to the farmers of this country. The Minister in Charge of the subject is teaching Institutions that conduct research on the quality of fertilizers impartially.

The mistake made by the government in importing substandard fertilizer without consulting Scientists and Specialists is not insignificant.The results of the tests issued by the Research Institute of our country regarding the relevant fertilizer are being mocked by The Minister of Agriculture.

The effect of the relevant microorganisms is applicable to the entire environment. Who are the strong personalities that disregard these facts? What is the agreement signed with the Chinese Company? What actions are contained in the agreement in case the fertilizer is not up to the standards?

Who brought back the fertilizer ship for the second time before the release of test results that was sent back when it failed the first test? Who forced the ship back? The country should be educated as to who were exposed to those pressures

Even anchoring a ship in the vicinity of the Port that is causing serious damage to the country is an offense. The government does not have the back bone that the Director of Agriculture had to stop this ship entering our Port.