Wednesday 8th of December 2021

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The governments popularity has dropped to 16 percent

2021-10-26 5832


Revealed by an American survey

The Chief Opposition Whip, Kandy District Parliamentarian, Attorney-at-Law ,Lakshman Kiriella visited the Kandy Children's Park on Saturday (23) morning to inspect the condition of the park which was damaged due to the widening of the Getambe roundabout.

Mr. Kiriella who inquired from the officials in charge of the construction stated that the Kandy people got this park on the occasion of the 50th Independence Day as per a request made by him to then President, Chandrika Bandaranaike which should be protected to the children of Kandy.

He said that he had made the same request to Minister of Highways, Johnston Fernando in Parliament and the Minister had promised to protect the children's park.The site officers of the construction Company assured that the children’s park will be setup as it was once the construction is completed.

The Chief Opposition Whip, Kandy District Parliamentarian, Attorney-at-Law Lakshman Kiriella stated some members of the government who are engaged in farming for fun are making fun of this issue while the farmers who are making a living by cultivating the land are fighting against the government demanding fertilizer for cultivation.

Mr. Lakshman Kiriella further stated that Ingredients and fertilizers required for cultivation are been imported not just from yesterday or day before yesterday and Ministers of any former governments had not gone either to Airport or Port to welcome fertilizer ships and Airplanes, airlifted agro chemicals and the behavior of these Ministers proves that the allegation that there are secrete deals behind these transactions, are confirmed.

He who alleged that the accusation that there are underhand deals behind allowing a Company which was incorporated just within one day to import Nitrogen liquid fertilizer is not marginal and those who are in the photos of welcoming these cargos at the Airport and Port are exposed, also emphasized that when there are transactions between countries the accepted custom is to have the transaction between the governments.    

Mr. Kiriella further stated that holding an election once in two years is an accepted standard in a democratic country and the present government seems to using various tricks to postpone elections and that he came to know that the popularity of the government had declined to 16 present according to the results of the surveys carried out by few American Companies deployed by the government