Wednesday 8th of December 2021

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Let me know the steps I should take from here

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Let me know the steps I should take from here- His Holiness Pope Francis


Maithreepala is cited as a responsible person for the Easter attack


(Lumbini Pramodya and Hemantha Thusitha)

His Holiness Pope Francis has sent a handwritten letter to the Archbishop of Colombo Cardinal Malcom Ranjith to keep him informed over the steps that he can make from Rome and the future   decisions to bring justice to the victims of the Easer Sunday suicide attack.

While informing the Sri Lankans living in Europe via Zoom on Friday (22), Cardinal revealed that His Holiness Pope Francis has sent this letter responding to his letter on the Easter Sunday attack.  

In this zoom meeting, Cardinal Malcom Ranjith further explained what contained in the letter sent by His Holiness Pope Francis in Italian language “I am really sad about the Easter Sunday attack.  Decide to do the best. Also let me know the steps I can take from here. I will discuss this case with the Cardinal, Secretary of State here.

I appreciate your efforts to prevent a conflict among the Catholic people in the country over this attack. Cardinal Malcom Ranjith described the Presidential Commission investigated in to the Easter Sunday attack as a serious one.

“The Commission report had cited former President Maithreepala Sirsena as a responsible person for the attack. Not taking legal action against him yet is very frustrating” Cardinal Malcom Ranjith alleged.