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The motherland is sold after people are trapped under the quarantine law

2021-10-19 6651


The country is in danger..!


Everyone must come forward


( Sujith Mangala De Silva and Rumi Speelberg)


Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Central Committee member, Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa alleged that even though a month has passed after secretly signing the agreement of the Kerawalapitiya Power Plant, the government is just marking time without revealing it to the public.

The Central Committee member of the JVP, Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa made this allegation at a media briefing held at the JVP Head Office in Battaramulla on Friday (15).

We emphasize that this agreement should be made available to the public. This agreement has a serious impact on the politics and economy of our country. The United States has created an environment in which they can intervene with the country.

There is a general acceptance that the right to energy should not be given to an individual, a single Company or a single country. Accordingly when our energy policy was formulated in 2019, the Electricity Board also intervened to consider this fact.

Accordingly, this policy was followed with regard to the Korawalapitiya Power Plant which commenced construction in 2010. Kerawalapitiya Power Plant is the first power plant in our country to generate electricity from natural gas.

Even though Kerawalapitiya is currently producing 300 MW it will be producing 1000 MW after another few years.  It is about 1/3 of the electricity requirement of our country. Such an important Power Plant was simply handed over to an American company out of the tender process.

The Minister of Power and Energy and the Chairman of the Electricity Board were removed to make room for this. They represented the Podujana Peramuna. They were removed when they became an obstacle for the government to achieve its objective. This is how the government acted to hand over this energy monopoly to the United States.

There is a huge waste, fraud and corruption in awarding this contract to this company. This is a contract to provide $ 6000 worth of gas for 10 years. Only $ 1200 million was spent for the construction of the Hambantota Port. It is this tender which is to be awarded to New Ports Energy without going through a tender process.

But according to the agreement we have to pay for 1.2 million gallons of gas per day whether we use it or not. With 500,000 gallons left, we will have to pay for the same quantity the next day too. We have to pay an additional amount for 500,000 gallons of gas per day for 10 years.

The New Ports Energy Company selected by the government for this purpose is one of the bankrupt companies in the world today. The company is not even in the top 250 LNG (natural gas *) businesses in the world, and they have no experience with the subject.

In addition to owning the power plant and supplying gas, the company has the opportunity to park their own ship permanently in the western seas off the Port of Colombo as a gas depot. They were looking for a place to set foot in this ocean area. This project will make it easier for them.

With the agreement, signed secretly to the Cabinet as well the people

01. The United States will be given a monopoly on the supply of electricity.

02. The country is facing serious waste, disadvantage and corruption.

03. The way is being paved for American intervention.

The scam was carried out with the involvement of the top three members of the Rajapaksa family.

The people of this country need to know this agreement. Not only the people but also the parliament and the Cabinet do not know about it. The Rajapaksa family is also covering it to the Cabinet. They have acted to take our motherland to a very dangerous stage.

Steps have been taken to hand over 13 acres of land near the South Jetty of the Colombo Port for a Supply Service Center. The South Jetty has already been handed over to the Chinese CICT company for 35 years. The Western jetty has been handed over to Adani of India.  We are transferring the ownership of the profitable Colombo Port to other countries.

The Hambantota Port has been leased out to China for nearly 200 years. Now Trincomalee Chinese Port with the Oil Tank Complex is going to be legally leased out to India. This government has allowed other countries to usurp the geopolitical significance of the country.

It is our motherland that is being destroyed and pawned. The government is selling the motherland by trapping the people under quarantine laws. These American citizens will sell our homeland and eventually flee to their home countries.

Responding to questions from Journalists, he stated.

The Rajapakshas are doing all this by force. They have taken advantage of the mandate given to them by the people of this country in good faith. They do not care about the people, the parliament or the Cabinet. Despite the powers conferred by the 20th amendment and the powers of the Cabinet, these cannot be fully resolved by law. These attempts against the country can be completely defeated only by the power of the people.

A large number of teachers voted for government candidates in the 2019 Presidential election and the 2020 General election. Now the government is insulting teachers using the government’s backbenchers. Threatening teachers. When farmers are asking for fertilizers, they are accused as if they are speaking on behalf of mill owners. When some groups demonstrate against selling Kerawalapitiya Power Plant they are accused as if they have obtained money for that purpose. The government doesn’t have any answers.