Tuesday 26th of October 2021

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There is no Ruler or a government in the country


Companies set prices of their production at their will


(Sujith Mangala De Silva and Rumi Speelberg)


Propaganda Secretary of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna, Vijitha Herath has accused that the government is increasing prices of essential commodities at every hours at time where people are suffering unbearably .a of increasing the prices of goods by every hour and causing more inconvenience to the people at a time when the people are in a unbearable pressure.

Propaganda Secretary of the JVP, Vijitha Herath made these allegations at a media briefing, held at its Head Office in Battaramulla on Monday (11) where he further expressed.

It seems to be that there is no Ruler or a government in the country. Because of this situation, Mill Owners and Companies set commodity prices. We saw the speech made by the President at the ceremony, held to mark the 72nd anniversary of the Army. He made it clear that he remembered the promises made to the people of the country two years ago.

There is a dearth of dollars. Production has collapsed and the farmer has completely collapsed due to the stupid decision taken by the President. There are signs that the agriculture sector is in a complete crisis and there are signs that there will be a massive food shortage tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

The government seems to be giving up everything which are under their control in such an environment.  The Central Bank has so far printed nearly two trillion rupees. Due to this the prices of commodities in the country are increasing rapidly. Bank interest rates are changing.

In the end the stabilization fund that was established to stop the fuel prices fluctuating, was just robbed. People do not pump fuel for credit. But now that burden also has been placed on the people. Now the government is planning to increase diesel by Rs. 32 / - and petrol by Rs. 14 / -. When Basil Rajapaksha took over the Finance Ministry, the government boasted that he would build the country's economy and make it a paradise.

Very recently the government also boasted that the country's economy would be uplifted by Basil's first Budget. But we know that Basil Rajapaksha is a person who has being charged by court for money laundering. Sri Lanka is the only country where a person who has a court case for money laundering holding the portfolio of the Minister of Finance. This is a Guinness World Record. However, when a Finance Minister is appointed, the prices of all essential commodities have gone up.

The Litro gas cylinder was priced at Rs. 1493 / -. Now it has been increased by Rs. 1257 to Rs. 2750 / -. Laugfs gas was increased by 1947 /-.Cement has been increased by Rs. 93 /-.Flour has been increased by Rs. 10- . The price of a kilogram of milk powder has been increased by Rs. 250 / -.

Decisions are made in a separate place. We remember how the sugar tax was evaded. 139,100 million rupees has been swindled out of white sugar. 29,500 million from brown sugar. The CWE has lost Rs. 900 million for purchasing sugar at a high price from Companies. From the sugar scam along, the government lost Rs.  168,500. This loss is only up to February. Even after that this loss keeps continued. Not the loss is around 4 billion.

Wilma Company has taken about 45% of this profit. They are making illicit profits and the people can no longer live. About 75% of households in the Western Province use gas. It is slightly different in other Provinces.

It is a crime to maintain a Cabinet from money collected from the public by way of taxes. The government has now relinquished control of all sectors. Price control, ownership of state property and responsibilities to the people have all been abandoned.

Due to this the people are suffering greatly. The economic burden of the people becomes very oppressive due to the increase in commodity prices without increase in income. Therefore, the people need to understand the current situation. At least this government cannot even sustain the economy instead of developing it.

Therefore, we call on the people to rally against this treacherous regime. We call on the people to rally against the government that is destroying the economy and to change this situation.