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What you should know about human rights..?

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What is the use of human rights..?


(Sujith Mangala De Silva and Rumi Speelberg)


The United Nations issued the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 which is becoming a more and more popular subject. It is a widely discussed topic due to the use of the globally accepted declaration. Hence you should be knowledgeable about human rights to seek justice if you become a victim of justice.

For you to live an average life there are basic needs that you have to fulfill. Food, water, medicine, shelter and clothing become prominent in the list of basic needs. Hence access to these items is a right of a human. It also protects vulnerable groups of people from being abused.

How did it become an international declaration? Nazi forces led by Adolf Hitler from 1941 to 1945 killed innocent Jews in large scale which became an eye opener for the whole world. These massive assassination led for the United Nations to form a declaration to ensure the right of everyone to live. The massacre that took place during the 2nd world war also became a prominent reason to force a universally accepted deflation to prevent such a carnage.

Human rights organizations are actively engaged to protect people who are at greater risk of being abused by those who are in power. Human rights allow people to stand up against social corruption. Human rights permit the victims of social injustice. It also allows those who are suffering from abuse and corruption to seek relief. Hence it is clear that human rights grant rights to people when those rights are violated. When its limits are considered, anyone can sue even the government. 

It promotes freedom of expression. It ensures the basic right a human has to speak freely and express one's views without fear of retaliation. This includes even ideas and statements that not everyone in a society agrees on. This also grants permission for you to argue about certain ideas expressed in the society.

Everyone has the right to believe in any religion. Or if anyone does not believe a religion he has the right to remain in that belief too. Hence Human rights give people the freedom to practice their religion or not to practice any religion at all. Some extremism ideologies of religions have led to conflicts throughout history. It is well evident from what takes place anywhere in the world. Human rights recognize the importance of a person's religion and spiritual beliefs and allow them to practice their religion peacefully. Freedom to accept a religion is also a human right.

Love has no boundaries such as age, color, religion, nation or a country.  Hence selecting a loving partner of his or her will becomes a human right. This declaration gives the right for anyone to love anyone. You as a human being should have the right to get an  employment based on your qualifications, skills and experience.  No one can be discriminated on this right too is granted by the declaration which encourages equal employment opportunities for all

Human rights give people access to education freely which has been established by law of land in every county. In some countries education is provided free of charge and in some countries it is a paid facility. But no one can be deprived of this opportunity as per the human rights concept. Education is important for many reasons and it is very important for societies where poverty is prevalent. Considering education as a right ensures that it is accessible not only to the riche but even to the poor.

Human rights also protect the environment from harm made by humans since what happens to the environment directly affects mankind. Hence the importance of protecting the environment is becoming more important and there are governments as well as private entities to take care of the environment. The link between human rights and the natural environment is growing stronger. This is due to climate change and its impact on humans. Because the land of the world in which we live is essential,

Governments are bound by their responsibilities by a common standard of human rights. According to this common standard of human rights, governments are responsible and accountable for their transactions, actions, behavior and activities.