Tuesday 26th of October 2021

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Justice seekers are labeled as Terrorists

2021-10-07 5960


Identify culprits of the Easter attack and bring them book


We will work with the aggrieved parties for justice


(Sujith Mangala De Silva and Rumi Speelberg)


Aruna Shantha Nonis, a member of the Steering Committee of the National People's Force, says that although legal charges have been framed on a group of people in connection with the Easter Sunday attack, those who are raising voices over this incident have a question whether the litigation is upon the people who were involved in the attack or those who planned the attack.

A  member of the Steering Committee of the National People's Force, expressed his views at a media briefing held at the Jana Vimukthi Peramuna Head Office in Battaramulla on Wednesday (06) in which he further made his observations as follows.

The facts and concerns, raised by the Commissions and Investigation teams, appointed by the governments which were in power, had not been investigated. In this situation, the victims have a reasonable doubt as to who is behind the Easter attack.

There are even attempts to link those who express their views in this regard with the LTTE. Catholic Priests are also being labeled for demanding justice. The present government is trying to build up an opinion that they are preparing to launch an attack against the government.

The government is using forces that brought the government in to power for this purpose. But we emphasize to the people of this country that there is no hidden agenda for all the people who demand justice for the Easter Sunday attack. If a person who demands justice is labeled as a Terrorist or Racist, there is a serious situation.

We demand the government to carry out the relevant investigations and identify the culprits and enforce the law. A large number of Sri Lankans who are living abroad were tempted to stage protests in those countries that the country was going to be betrayed to foreigners and promote racism in 2019.

The same people are agitating for justice today. We question whether they are Terrorists. The National People's Force will join hands with all those who work for justice. The National People's Force stands for the rights, justice and fairness of the people of this country. Declares that we will work with them