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Protests across the country demanding the removal of the President of Brazil

2021-10-04 6609


“He failed to control COVID-19” – opposition parties


Six Hundred Thousand lost their life due to the President’s failure  


Thousands of Brazilians staged protests across the country on Saturday (2), demanding the removal of Brazilian President Jair Bolzonaro. The protests reportedly took place in more than 160 cities across the country. Since the popularity of Bolzonaro has been declining during the recent past, the opposition parties were marking time to oust him from the position.

Reportedly the protest was organized by the opposition parties and associated trade unions.  Already around six hundred thousand of Brazil civilians have died due to COVID-19 infection which has become a major setback for the country. Key accusation against President Bolzonaro is not taking sufficient measures to control the spread of the disease. The protest took place just one year before the general election of the country.

“Due to the backward thinking of the President, Brazil has become a poor country which is suffering from a dearth of food where corruption have gone up. The country is far behind democracy” a spokesperson representing the opposition parties that led the protest opined. Meanwhile a survey had found that 61% of the Brazilian population is not in favor of President Bolzonaro.