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Olaf Scholz won the German General Election..? 

2021-09-28 5820


"We will never break public trust" - Olaf Scholz


 Who will be the  next Chancellor..? 

(Achintha Madura Samarasingha) 

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel retired from politics after holding the position for 16 years at a stretch. Chancellor Angela Merkel decided not to run again in this election and to retire from politics.  What is noteworthy here is this being the first time in German history that an incumbent Chancellor did not seek re-election.

In the aftermath of her strong decision, the country went for a general election which was held on 26th, in which the country's main opposition political group, the Social Democratic Party, could acquire the highest number of seats. Accordingly, 63-year-old Olaf Scholz, leader of the Center-Left Social Democratic Party will be the new Chancellor of Germany.  

The German parliament, known as Bundestag (Reichstag) consists of 735 seats. After winning 206 seats in the parliament, the Center-Left Social Democratic Party has expressed its willingness to form the new government with other associated political parties shortly. They lost power in Germany in 2005. Olaf Scholz has said his party will likely enter coalition talks with the Greens and the FDP while the Conservatives also trying to form a government.

“I am grateful for the decision of the people to elect us back to the power. We will make this a good opportunity to start a government that will be suitable for the people of this country. We will never break public trust” Olaf Scholz vowed, celebrating the victory of his political party at the federal election.  

Angela Merkel represents the 'Christian Democratic Party', which has been ruling Germany for many years. 'Christian Democratic' is in alliance with the 'Christian Social Union' party. This alliance is commonly known as the 'Union'.

67 years Angela Merkel is known as the 'Iron Lady' of Europe who is respected and recognized by everyone disregarding party affiliation. After winning the federal election in 2005, he was able to develop the economy of the country while giving a strong political leadership to the country.

With the decision of Angela Merkel to retire, the party decided to appoint 60 years old Armin Laschet as the successor to Merkel.  Even though Armin vowed to continue the policies of Merkel, the election results indicated that the majority of Germany had no confidence over   Armin Laschet or the 'Union' alliance.

But Laschet too seemed to have not given up the battle which is evident from his short statement after the results of the election that “My party had given me its backing to enter talks with coalition partners"

Olaf Scholz was born on 14 June 1958 who has been serving as the Vice Chancellor of Germany since 14 March 2018, and the Minister of Finance. He previously served as the first Mayor of Hamburg from 2011 to 2018.