Friday 17th of September 2021

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Chinas Future Science Prize was awarded to Professor Malik Peiris

2021-09-13 1126


Professor Malik Peiris has been awarded the Future Science Prize by the government of China for the year 2021. He had received the award for his extensive research on the SARS and Mars virus. The same award had been won by Chinese Professor, Eun Kwokyung for 2021. According to the Chinese Embassy, Professor Malik Peiris had been awarded a cash prize of US $ 1 million.

Professor Malik Peiris is serving the University of Hong Kong as a Professor of Virology and Eun Kwokyung is serving the same University as a Professor in the Department of Microbiology.

This award was initiated by China's government to recognize eminent Scientists for their scientific discoveries and the promotion of innovation from 2016.

Professor Malik Peiris’ research provided a significant contribution in finding that the COVID – 19 virus was cartelist in finding the cause and the diagnosis of the SARS virus which spread in 2003.