Monday 6th of December 2021

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We don’t accept a government without female representation -Afghan females-  

2021-09-10 5833

After capturing the power of Afghanistan by the Taliban, they formed an Interim government which was declared officially yesterday. Confirming their anti- –female ideology, the government consisted only of males. Against this formation, a group of females staged a protest in the capital, Kabul, and in the northeastern Afghan province of Badakhshan yesterday.

“We do not accept a government which does not have female representation” the protesters stressed. Taliban government officials have charged some protesting women to disturb the protest. Meanwhile Etilatros News Agency reported that a group of Journalists attached to the Agency had been arrested by Taliban government officers when they reached the scene to report.

Taliban governors have declared that staging protests is illegal. The approval of the government should be obtained before conducting these types of protests, a government official responded.