Friday 17th of September 2021

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UNP is all out for 75..!

2021-09-06 1184

The captain should decide whether to start the second inning or not


The UNP's policy is “equal opportunities for equal talents".


The party lost every time it violated that policy


Won when protected



"We shall call it the United National Party since we all are united as one" stated Honorable D.S. Senanayake. "I now state to all of you that the United National Party is a Socialist party. We have a democratic socialism" said Honorable J.R Jayawardena. 

When Honorable Gamini Dissanayake was about to leave the UNP, he commented to a question posed by a newspaper, as follows. Question - Why do you still talk about the UNP When you are removed from the cabinet, the UNP and its trade unions..?

Gamini Dissanayake - "My attitude on the UNP does not depend on the activities of others. It will never depend on what was done to me. All that depends on my personal inner bonding and the wishes and desires of the people I represent." 

My ancestral home of Politics celebrates its 75th birthday. I am just reminded of  everything above again. 
The UNP’s social policy is establishing the strategy of "equal opportunities for equal skills." The UNP kept on winning until they followed such strategy. The moment they violated it, they found the route to continuous defeats.

When the UNP celebrated its 70th anniversary, my friend Chamara Lakshan Kumara wrote that "UNP is unbeaten on 70" I believe what I have to say today is that the "UNP is all out for 75" It’s up to them to decide whether they are ready to start their second innings. Happy birthday to the UNP which taught me Politics.


 -Harin Fernando-
Samagi Jana Balawegaya
Member of Parliament