Friday 22nd of October 2021

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COVID cases in increase in India

2021-09-03 5695

70% of infections were from Kerala


Under the second wave of India COVID-19 pandemic, the highest number of infections within the last two months was reported yesterday (2). Accordingly the statistics confirmed the daily infections at 47,092 while the death toll reported 509. The Indian Health Ministry highlighted that 70% of the infections had been reported from the state of Kerala. 

By yesterday morning (2), the number of infections were 32,803 while 173 had died due to the infection within 24 hours. This was a raise of 12% compared to the fugues of the previous day.

“The failure and negligence of the state health authorities to lockdown Kerala city on time had resulted in the tragic situation. Since the daily infection numbers have been above 20,000 for the last couple of weeks, if the state health authorities locked down the city adhering to our instructions, these numbers would have been under control” a spokesman from the Central Health Ministry alleged.

Another main reason for the increase in the infection and the death toll was, celebrating the “Num” festival, conducted to celebrate the new harvest in some villages in Kerala city disregarding the health guidelines.