Friday 22nd of October 2021

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In our effort to evacuate civilians from Afghanistan, there can be mistakes President Joe Biden

2021-08-23 5673


18 US commercial flights are deployed in evacuation


28,000 have already been evacuated


After Taliban millions captured the power of Afghanistan, thousands of foreigners as well as Afghans rushed to Kabul Airport to escape from the country. A large mob gathered there in, created a panic situation in the Airport

The United States has made arrangements to deploy 18 commercial flights of their country to evacuate thousands of civilians who are agitating in the Kabul Airport to flee the county.

“We have evacuated around 28,000 civilians from our flights up to now. There is no alternative way for evacuating them from Afghanistan which is free from pain and insensitive sceneries. There are more to do to evacuate innocent civilians. But in this way there can be mistakes” President Joe Biden conformed while alarming Afghan authority.