Friday 22nd of October 2021

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People protest against the deploying of Army in the locked down Sydney city

2021-08-09 5677


People have lost the trust placed on the government


“ We are treated as lower-class people”


With the rapid spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19 in Sydney, Australia recently, the authority took measures to lockdown the city. When the administration called over Army to monitor the lock down rules on roads of Sydney, a massive protest took place by the public with some politicians against the deployment of military personnel.

It is reported that about 300 troops are currently deployed on Sydney's roads to monitor whether the locking laws are being enforced properly.

Eight areas in Sydney have been identified as having the largest COVID -19 infected cluster on record this year and Army personnel have been deployed on the highways in those areas.

Around two million people live in the affected clusters, all of whom live in poverty. A Sydney local government official has said that the authorities' use of force to monitor the operation of the lockdown areas has destroyed the public's trust over the central government and that this shows that the people are being treated as lower-class people.