Monday 27th of September 2021

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Worldwide COVID infections and deaths have gone up by 80 percent

2021-08-02 5723


A severe dearth of oxygen in 29 countries  


World Health Organization


The number of COVID – 19 infections, reported from five of the six regions belonging to the World Health Organization including Asia and Africa, has gone up by 80 percent in the past four weeks, WHO alarmed.   

“The reason for the alarming increase is the spread of the DELTA variant of COVID-19 in 132 countries by now. COVID death toll reported from African region had increased by 80”  Director General of Health – WHO,  Dr. Tedros  Adhanom Ghebreyesus stressed.

The reason for this increase is attributed to mobilization of public, wrong practices of health guidelines and non-availability of vaccinations for all ignoring the control measures, declared by WHO to prevent the spread of the virus, Dr. Tedros pointed out in a press conference, held at WHO headquarters recently, who further emphasized

“The demand for oxygen has gone up to treat COVID- 19 patients in 29 countries, where the rapid spread of DELTA variant is alarmingly increasing. Most of the countries are unable to provide sufficient facilities and basic equipment for the protection of the health staff. Since the number of infections is continuously going up, it will be difficult to find solutions for the dearth of oxygen. The virus cannot be successfully eradicated without increasing the number of PCR tests, performed to diagnose the infection and following proper health procedures”