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Why was the Creative Director sacked by Olympics

2021-07-23 5671


“Mass killings are not jokes”


 “We cannot employ a person of that nature in Olympics” – Organizers


The 2021 Olympics Games will commence today in Japan without ordinance. Just 24 hours before the commencement of the games, the Organizing Committee of Olympics 2021, had sacked Creative Director,Kobayashi Kentara of the sport festival. The reason for this tough decision was a video clip which had been rapidly shared in social media in which Kobayashi Kentara condemned the mass killings that took place in several countries, including Japan and Germany, during World War II in a humorous manner.  

“Acting in a way to cause inconvenience to people is not the job of an Entertainer. This video clip contains the unacceptable law level jokes. A person of that nature and mentality cannot be engaged with a high level sport festival such as Olympics” the Organizers of the games stressed.

Along with the invasion of Poland by Adolf Hitler on 1st September 1939, the Britain and France declared war with Germany which was the beginning of the Second World War.  

Kobayashi Kentara had made a statement on some massacres that took place during world war 11   in a humorous manner at the opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympics Games in 1990.  This video clip has been shared in social media for some time which came to the peak yesterday.

“ I apologize to the entire nation about the statement made by me”  Kobayashi Kentara stated in public. But the Organizers of the Olympics Games 2021 who were not satisfied, took this strong decision.

48 old Japanese national, Kobayashi Kentara is famous as a Comedy Actor, Drama Director as well as Event Planner who was appointed the Creative Director of Tokyo Olympics Games 2021.