Friday 22nd of October 2021

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British Health Minister tested COVID -19 positive..!

2021-07-19 5668


Prime Minister Boris and Finance Secretary Sunak tried to escape quarantine


British Secretary Minister, Sajid Javeed Corona has been diagnosed with COVID -19 infected by the PCR test, undergone by him on Saturday (17) when he suffered from symptoms. Along with his infection British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Finance Secretary Rishi Sunak, are under self-quarantine at their residences being his close associates.

Even though Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Finance Secretary Rishi Sunak tried to escape self-quarantine, due to strong opposition from various sections of the society and the opposition political parties they ultimately started home quarantine on Sunday (18).

“It is very wrong to think that the health guidelines to prevent COVID -19 comply generally comply by citizens are  applicable to the Prime Minister and the Finance Secretary and escape self-quarantine being close associates of the infected Health Minister” stressed Opposition leader,  Sir Keir Starmer.