Friday 22nd of October 2021

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Fire in a COVID ward in Iraq

2021-07-14 5667


Second fire in the same country due to the same reason


In a fire, took place in a ward where COVID patients were under treatment in Al-Hussein hospital in Iraq, at least 92 people had been killed. Even though the cause of the fire has not been identified, it is believed that the fire may have been caused by an explosion in an oxygen tank.

It has been further reported that the fire extinguishing team was competent enough to control the fire before spreading to the other parts of the hospital.

The relatives of patients who were affected by the fire started a protest in front of the hospital complaining that the fire brock due to the negligence of the authorities and Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qadimi has ordered to arrest of the hospital's Head immediately.

When the Police tried to control the demonstration, the agitated protesters set fire on two police vehicles. This is the second incident taking place in Iraq with a fire which brock off in a hospital in Bagdad in a ward where COVID patients were under treatment due to the same reason.