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28 killed in plane crash in Russia

2021-07-07 5667


(Hemantha Thusitha Kumara)


28 passengers were killed when an An-26 plane crashed in the Kamchatka region of eastern Russia on Tuesday (06) due to bad weather and poor visibility. There were no survivors.Regional Governor Vladimir Solodov said that the plane was flying around before crashing and was attempting a second landing at Palana Airport. But in the end, it could not stop the crashing, he said.

Russia’s Interfax news agency quoting a source said that the plane had crashed into a sloping rock. The Izvestia newspaper posted a photo of the crash site which shows the burning trees above the rocky plateau.The plane, which was flying from Petropavlovsk lost communication about 10 minutes before landing. Part of the plane was found in the sea more than two miles off the coast.

The Russian Commission of Inquiry said that the crash was caused by bad weather, a pilot error or a technical fault.

The crew of the Aircraft was well experienced which comprised six. Russian media reported that two children were also on board. TASS News Service reported that the Antonov AN-26 twin - engine turboprop Aircraft has been in operation since 1982. Deputy Director of Kamchatka Aviation Enterprises, Sergei Gorb  said that the crash was caused by strong winds.