Tuesday 30th of November 2021

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A large gathering to excavate Diamond A gift of fate

2021-06-22 5759

There has been a turmoil situation in KwaHlathi region, a rural area in South Africa since June 12, 2021 up to now (21). The reason for the situation is around 3,000 people suddenly starting mining diamonds in an area of 5 hectares in this region. The sudden discovery of an unidentified stone category that looked like a diamond led to the situation.  The people living in the KwaHlathi area are very poor who started digging the earth coming one after the other  considering this as a gift given by fate.

At a time when there are 1.8 million COVID -19 infected people while the death toll had gone up  to  60,000 , such a large number of gathering has become a problem to the South Africa government and its COVID prevention program.  

After examining almost all of the rock samples, obtained from it, it was discovered that they were all Quartz Crystal. When compared with diamonds, they are relatively inexpensive.