Thursday 5th of August 2021

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Desperate appeal to UK Prime Minister

2021-06-08 6134

What will happen to UK Health Services if all migrants leave to their mother lands?


Every human being is born free and equal.


I cannot watch my people die


Doctor Thush Wickremanayake for the rescue of the country – people of Sri Lanka  




(Thushara Wickramanayaka)


Sri Lanka is in a crisis situation among the COVID pandemic. With a population of 20 million only one million had been vaccinated with the first dose of AstraZeneca. Around 600 thousand had not been vaccinated for the second dose. This is a desperate and urgent request.

I am a dual citizen of Sri Lanka and England. I am the daughter of a former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka  Mr. Rathnasiri Wickremanayake. Most of my adult life was spent in England and 25 years as a Doctor attached to the NHS of England. I was a Physician for British High Commission of Sri Lanka.   

Some accused me of being privileged. But I spent my privileges shamelessly as my role model Eleanor Roosevelt. Since she was the Founder of the Human Rights Charter who declared that every human being is born free and equal. It is from this flat form I appeal to you Mr. Prime Minister. Even though we were frustrated at the beginning of the pandemic, you became the first great leader to start the vaccination. I commend my colleagues for successfully completing the immunization of 50% of 60 million of the eligible population of the UK ..

Sri Lanka, known as “the Peal of Indian Ocean”  was colonized by British. 73 years after gaining independence, the shine of the pearl had faded. But we are still a developing country. Sri Lanka is a member of the UN and Commonwealth Countries. I believe that if every immigrant worker of the NHS majority of them being former colonies of African and Asian countries, want to get back to help the COVID affected of their mother land, the NHS of England will collapse.

I appeal to you to be a greater humanitarian by ending the war of patency for the COVID vaccine to avail it for poor countries like Sri Lanka to avail it freely and cheaply.  You require only 120 million vaccines at the first cycle for 60 million citizens.   240 million vaccines for the next cycle next year. Please release the rest of the 500 vaccines you have ordered. Please be a global statesman and encourage other commonwealth countries such as Australia and EU countries to release millions of vaccines oversubscribed by them for the benefit of the poor nations.

You know if 80% of the world population is not vaccinated, we are all at risk in the long term. I may be branded as a trait for this appeal. I am not embarrassed to appeal on behalf of my people. I cannot watch my people die.

Mr. Prime Minister you have a great moral obligation beyond the power crazy geopolitics. Beyond the greed of the richest countries to help us in a crisis. Your heart should be to the pulse of my nation, my people. Through us a life line. Help us with the vaccine. I ensure and insist that the government of Sri Lanka will follow your plan.

Mr. Prime Minister as much as I supported UK endorsement of US Resolution on Sri Lanka, I will be compelled to protest if you look away now. Let my people die because you are contributing to their death. Please help Sri Lanka now.