Wednesday 23rd of June 2021

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Everyone should be vaccinated before 31st December

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If done so the county- people can be rescued  


“ PCR” tests should be doubled and tripled 


Don’t make "Express Pearl" tragedy a friendly spring either  


Farmers are antagonized over President's organic fertilizer policy


(Sujith Mangala De Silva)


President of the National Movement for a Just Society, Deshabandu Karu Jayasuriya, emphasized that all people over the age of 10 should be vaccinated before December 31, 2021 to save the country and its people from the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Karu Jayasuriya who pointed out that the number of "PCR" tests being conducted across the country should be doubled and tripled, stated that "COVID-19" can only be won on the advice and recommendations of health authorities and not by the intervention of politicians.

Deshabandu Karu Jayasuriya made these observations speaking at a press conference organized by the National Movement for a Just Society in Colombo on Thursday (03).

We are making these remarks at a time when the country and its people are facing a terrible experience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic since we have a responsibility to save the country and all the people from this terrible situation. Even though it is not our intention to simply make criticisms and accusations, we consider that it is our duty and responsibility to understand the reality and point it out.

The current situation prevailing in the country should not be underestimated. Even the World Health Organization has educated us of this dreadful situation. Hence, we as a country are living at a time period where we have to act more responsibly and efficiently. But is there such an environment to be seen in the country?

Have we acted responsibly as a country while having a Knowledge about the consequences and repulsion of the pandemic? Did not we have the ability to more successfully control this pandemic without falling victim to the unfortunate situation we face today? Though we have to ask this question from us, though this danger cannot be averted by simply talking only about the past mistakes, done by us as a country, we cannot face the reality without realizing these mistakes and learning lessons from what we have done. Therefore, we must all come forward to make tomorrow better by realizing the destruction going on at least by now.

It was the opinion of the local and foreign Sri Lankan experts who advise and encourage us to lock down the country for at least two weeks. As far as we know, the government had also been given the same instructions. But now, the President and all authorities’ coming to a consensus,  we consider as an important trend.  

 It is our belief that the country can be rescued from this catastrophe if the experts and authorities work together in unity in the future.
Last April, our intelligence council made a number of important suggestions to the authorities.


Conduct the highest number of PCR tests first.

Vaccination of all Sri Lankans over 10 years of age before 31st December, as some countries in the world have intelligently done with a long-term program. This requires 30 million injections. (15x2 million)

We have already placed orders for 15 million vaccines from China and 15 million from Russia. In addition, another 1.2 million vaccines will be received under the COVAX GLOBAL project.  Sri Lankan government is in possession of the total money required for this purpose.  

The number of vaccines received the day before last night.

1. AstraZeneca - 1.2650 million vaccines

2. Sputnik V - 50000 injection

3.  Sinopharm- Vaccine 739399

Since a large number of Sputnik and Sinopharm vaccines are supposed to be received within a few days ,  the government’s vaccination program can be continued.  But it must be done scientifically without political interference. The Department of Health is of the opinion that they have the strength and capability to administer about 100,000 vaccines a day. So experts believe that if they can work with confidence and a long-term plan, they can easily complete the vaccination of every one by 31 December 2021.

It was reported that experts and authorities extended the lockdown until June 14. It is appropriate for all parties to take such a decision together rather than as a political decision. But it is our opinion that using about a week old data for these decisions is futile.  There are also two opinions on the use of the "Sputnik" vaccine in Kandy. Expressing contradictory statements within the government is misleading the public and detrimental to government domination.  This should be corrected immediately. After this, our expert opinion is that, as we have previously suggested, every citizen over the age of 10 should be vaccinated before December 31st. This is how intelligent states and heads of state restored their countries.

Organic Fertilizer Policy of the Government

Although we are not in a position to change the President's strong decision on the use of organic fertilizer in Sri Lanka, our expert team would like to comment on up to what level, the decisions taken by him are realistic with the powers of 20th amendment and the two third of power.

The majority of Sri Lankans, including us, see the use of organic fertilizer as a very important and noble act. However, no country in the world has formulated policies regarding the use of fertilizers in such a hurry within a few weeks. The scientific opinion is that it takes at least 5 years to direct a country to successful use of organic fertilizer. In addition, it has been reported that plans have been made to import organic fertilizer from certain foreign countries. It is likely to cause great damage to the country. Agriculture is the livelihood of the majority of the rural population in Sri Lanka.

We are requesting from the government to take this decision realistically because it is our responsibility to inform them that if not so this country could turn into a lake of blood if this dispute is not resolved properly. There are reports from many parts of the country that there is strong opposition and outrage among the people over this hasty decision.

Therefore, we again urge the authorities to formulate a new set of policies regarding fertilizer with the views, suggestions and advice of farmers and all concerned to rescue the country from another disaster as if the advices of experts were obtained to control COVID- 19.
Massive environmental destruction caused by the Express Pearl ship

Our country has fallen into a situation of waving the hand to calamities just passing us, where we have to make wise decisions over great challenges that we have to face as a country with unity.  

It seems that our country has fallen to a situation of inviting a great calamity into the country by acting irresponsibly by knowing the imminent danger. We are facing the great destruction of permitting a ship to enter our port that was denied access by authorities of two foreign countries to enter their ports.

Experts today believe that the devastation caused by the Express Pearl will affect many generations to come. The government should conduct a lengthy investigation into this and it should be done by experts with knowledge of shipping. Politicians should not be allowed to interfere here. And there should be no room for the allied forces that take advantage of even this kind of tragedy, to turn this tragedy into a spring. It was reported that the United States received $ 4 billion from a well-known oil Company a few years ago. Authorities must ensure that racketeers will not be permitted to interfere.

We declare to the citizens that these ideas and suggestions that we make are made in good will and Patriotism.