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Human smuggling by the Bureau of Foreign Employment, nabbed

2021-04-29 7467

Foreign Agencies Association (ALFEA) exposed Top Rankers of the Bureau


Sri Lanka has become a major haven for human trafficking in the world


Fairus Marikkar, President of the Association of Foreign Employment Agencies (ALFEA), says that the racket of selling Sri Lankan women illegally as domestic workers to foreign countries is being carried out with the help of a group of Officials of Foreign Employment Bureau.

Mr. Firuz Marikkar reveled this racket at a special press conference, held in Colombo, exposing the truth about the "Airport Clearing" scam and opposing the attack on the ALFEA President while  pointing out that Sri Lanka has become a leading human trafficking countries in the world because of these racketeers.

This Association was established under the Bureau of Foreign Employment Act No. 21 of 1985 and the special Gazette Order dated 31st March 1988.

The ALFEA Association states that the President of the Association, Fairous Marikkar was assaulted by a group of thugs in the Maradana area in Colombo on Friday 16.04.2021 and one suspect has been arrested and released on bail following a complaint lodged at the Maradana Police.

The Association of Foreign Employment Agencies pointed out that the main reason for this attack is their continued involvement in stopping the mafia of sending Sri Lankan women to domestic service in Middle Eastern countries in an illegal way.

They revealed that the reason for this attack is the recent raid, carried out by their Officers at the premises of Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake to uncover the smuggling of sending untrained females under 23 of age and those who are having children under 5 years.   

The Chairman of ALFEA emphasizes that the racket of illegally selling Sri Lankan women for domestic service in foreign countries is currently taking place in two ways.

One way of this smuggling is taking females on visit visas and employing them in foreign countries as domestic servants and Middle East is the main hub while Dubai being the major country.

The President of the Association pointed out that the smugglers pay more than Rs. 120,000 as bribes to the Officials of the Foreign Employment Bureau and the Officers of the Airport premises for each woman who goes abroad illegally.

The ALFEA Chairman who pointed out that the next method is the re-entry method, also revealed that the process, carried out here is to use several fake stamps on the newly obtained passports and registering at the Bureau of Foreign Employment in order to creep from government regulations.

 Mr. Marikkar revealed that forging not only rubber stamps of Sri Lankan government institutions but also stamps of foreign countries is a serious problem in the process of issuing fake passports which include rubber stamps of immigration and issuing visa.

He alarmed that if this racket gets exposed to these foreign countries, the trust these countries had placed on Sri Lanka will be damaged and exporting our labour to these countries will be stopped. ALFEA Chairman Fairus Marikkar alleges that a group of Officials from the Bureau of Foreign Employment are behind this racket of selling women to foreign countries on fake documents.

Mr. Firuz Marikkar who alleged that the main center of the racket is the North Western office of the Bureau of Foreign Employment in Kurunegala and that a group of its Officers are directly involved in this, also pointed out that a recent newspaper report too revealed this racket

The Chairman of ALFEA who pointed out that the newspaper report had revealed that the Officers of the Bureau of Foreign Employment were earning more than Rs. 5 million a day, also revealed that the even though his Association had submitted all the relevant information related to this racket to the Chairman of the Bureau of Foreign Employment and the Minister in charge of the subject with evidence, so far they have not taken any action to stop this mafia. Hence it is doubtful whether a part of the money is going to the Ministers.

However, he further emphasized that his Association as an authorized foreign employment agency is ready to provide all the information with evidence to anyone who takes the initiative to stop this racket whenever necessary.