Saturday 19th of June 2021

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The New Year will be meaningful only if the Environment is conserved

2021-04-18 6373

President of the National Movement for a Just Society Deshabandu Karu Jayasuriya, issuing a special statement, emphasized that the Sinhala-Hindu New Year can be meaningfully celebrated if only acted committedly to conserve the environment, since the aim of the Sun worship of the New Year is to express the gratitude to the nature in order to wish a prosperous life through this ritual. 

The statement, issued by Mr. Karu Jayasuriya while expressing best wishes to the Sri Lankans on the dawn of the Sinhala and Hindu New Year, states.

The rituals, associated with the Sun which is the base of the entire life of the earth, symbolizes the reverential gratitude that the human had towards nature, from time immemorial.  

Over the past decade, the world community has been trying to implement new development strategies to reach the development goals, saving resources for the future generation while fairly dealing with nature and the development.

It is very clear that the guidance, given to us by the Sinhala and Hindu New Year customs over thousands of years is nothing but the lesson of sustainable development.  It is obvious that the value system of Sinhala and Hindu New Year embeds various aspects of sustainable development such as engaging in fair and equitable dealings with the environment including other aspects, related to same while realizing that we are just only one part of the nature and consuming resources sparingly for the benefit of future generations and respecting and caring values across all cultures.

Our ancestors, who maintained their livelihood within this important framework, left us the right for a breath of fresh air and cleaned water. But the right of fresh air and cleaned water for our children is a major challenge. The generation who will take over the country in the future will never experience the sweet memories of partaking tasty fruits from the trees by the roads during the spring season.

Our children have come to the verge of the bitter experience of having to purchase fresh air while forest which gave asylum to trees and animals being destroyed. If the aim of the Sun worshiping ritual of Sinhala and Hindu New Year is to show gratitude to nature and wish for a prosperous life through it, dedication for the conservation of the environment is a key activity.

 I wish all Sri Lankans a prosperous Sinhala and Hindu New Year while emphasizing that it will be a truly meaningful New Year celebration.