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Kamala Harris Family Tree..!

2020-11-08 2657

What's the Difference Between Race & Ethnicity..?



Kamala Harris..! Her maternal ancestry is Jaffna..! Kamala Harris is not an Indian. Her grandfather Mr P. V Gopalan is from Manipay, Jaffna and Gopalan's wife Mrs Rajam Gopalan is from Batticaloa. Sri Lanka.

Mr P.V Gopalan was a civil servant under the British govt. He moved to South India and her daughter Shymala Gopalan was born in South India. 

Thereafter they moved to New Delhi and thence to California, where Shyamala married Donalad Harris-a Jamaican. Their daughter is Kamala Devi Harris. She was born in Oakland California.

Her father was an economics professor at the prestigious Stanford University in California, where he taught and carried out research. 

He is a naturalised U.S. citizen. Her mother was a breast cancer researcher. Both are highly educated and hold PhDs. Kamala Harris was brought up in the Hindu tradition; She married a Jewish man. Now she is a "nominal christian".

Script/Narration: Matt Baker
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