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Identification parade of Hijaz canceled

2020-06-25 5667

“Photo of Hijaz had been shown to identifiers” accused Defense Counsel


“Identifiers had been pressured by Investigators” ..?


Pettah Magistrate ordered yesterday to cancel the identification parade of Attorney at Law Hijaz Hisbollah who is under arrest for charges of aiding and abetting Easter Sunder subside bombers.  

Officers of the Criminal Investigation Department informed courts that they have received information that an organized team had visited the homes of children who were supposed to participate at the identification parade to influence them to say in the courts that Investigation Officers had recorded statement exerting pressure. Hence CID requested from courts to summon them and inquire whether such pressure had been exerted by the Investigation Officers, before calling them for the identification parade.

The defense counsel Attorney at Law Wasantha Nawarathne and the Attorney at Law Nuwan Bopage who appears for the children stated that conducting an identification parade is purposeless since the Investigators had shown a photo of Hijaz Hisbollah to these children to make the identification easy.     

Even though 10 children who are to participate at the identification parade appeared at courts though Attorney at Laws on 18th , CID had not made arrangements to forward accused Hijaz Hisbollah to courts.