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Corona back to New Zealand

2020-06-17 5667

Infection had come from England

New Zealand recovered totally from COVID 19 pandemic. The virus has raised head once again in the country when two females who came to New Zealand from England on a special permission to visit a dying parent brought it.  

The women, in 30s and 40s arrived New Zealand on the 7th June, via Doha and Brisbane, and entered quarantine.

They were isolated in a Hotel in Auckland and on 12 June applied for an exemption to visit their dying parent, who died that night.

Health Minister David Clark said the necessary checks had not taken place and he was suspending compassionate exemptions to the quarantine rules.

These two had traveled in New Zeeland in a personal vehicle and had stayed with a family member in the country.

The health authorizes have planned to step back to the strict procedures again to control the spread of the virus.

New Zealand was a country that took prompt action to lock down where the total infections were 1506 while the death toll raised only to 22.