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Austrian President apologized for violating COVID 19 Law

2020-05-27 5667

With the spread of COVID 19 virus, Austria imposed strict rules as Italy to control the pandemic.  

The President of Austria ,  Alexander Van der Bellen , his wife and few friends were found by police at a Restaurant of Vienna  after cutoff time on Sunday.

Law enforcement declared. Restaurants and cafes, which were allowed to reopen last week, must close no later than 23:00.hours.

"I went out for the first time since the lockdown with two friends and my wife," he wrote on Twitter. "We then lost track of the time while chatting."

He apologized from the citizens of the country for violating rules imposed by the government to stop the spreading of the virus.

 Austrian President Alexander further stated that if a fine is imposed to the Restaurant or any losses, incurred due to keeping it opened because of him, he is prepared bearer it.