Friday 22nd of October 2021

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475 deaths on 18th March in Italy

2020-03-19 5667

211,853 had been infected

On 18th March itself, the death toll of Corona outbreak in Italy has been 475. Along with this figure the total number of deaths in Italy has gone up to 2,978 while total identified cases of infection are 35,713. Out of this more than 4,000 have successfully recovered. This is the ever highest number of deaths in a single day out of all countries that were affected by this epidemic.

This deadly virus that came out from Wuhan in last December had spread to around 160 countries

According to the statics, up to now 8,724 infected patients had died throughout the world.

The total number of infected cases in nearly 160 countries had gone up to 211,853 out of which 83,188 had recovered.

Many countries have taken drastic measures, including social distancing and cancelling major events to stop transmission.