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Saudi prohibited countries to attend “ Umra” this year

2020-03-01 5667

Will this decision affect the Hajj festival too..?


The Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia has decided not grant visa for pilgrims who expect to participate at “ Umra” this year from countries which are affected by Corona virus.

Saudi had warmly welcomed pilgrims from other countries who participate at religious festivals conducted in their country providing them all the facilities to fulfill their religious desire. Saudi Emigration and Immigration Department issued a special visa to 49 countries to participate at Hajj last year.

Even though Hujj festival is limited only for 5 specific days, Umra pilgrimage can be carried out in any day of the year.

The foreign Ministry of Saudi informed that this ban is a temporary measure to prevent the spread of the virus in their country but did not specifically mention up to what date the ban is effective.

The office of the foreign passport is investigating the visitors who came to Saudi from China.

A large number of pilgrims from throughout the world come to Prophet Muhammad's Mosque in Medina and Macca annually for Hajj pilgrimage. This will probably affect the Hajj festival to be held in July.