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2019-12-07 5664

Attitude Adjustments..!


Have you ever heard the statement, “Attitude is everything..!”


In the book Creating an Intimate Marriage by Jim Burns (p. 135-143) suggests five attitude adjustments in marriage:

# Stop Complaining.

Criticism shuts down intimacy. No one wants to be naked with someone who is critical!

# Show Gratitude.

It is amazing what a simple “thank you” will do to a relationship.

# Practice the Golden Rule.

“Do to others what you would have them do to you.” – Jesus Many couples use the rule that says, “Do to others what they do to you” which is a “tit-for-tat rule.”

Control the “If Only’s…”

If only my spouse would do this I would be happy… Happiness is internal. No external action will ultimately fulfill your desire for happiness.

# Choose Fun and Optimism.

Be intentional. Think of one fun thing to add to your marriage. What did you do while you were dating for fun?

Action: Review the list. Pick only one area to work on and start to apply it to your relationship today.

by Mike Woodard