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The Neighbors were celebrating the death by lighting crackers

2019-12-07 5667

4 suspects were shot dead by the Police..!


A Veterinary Surgeon of 27 years was raped and murdered who’s brunt dead body was found on 28th last month. Since the Police was delaying to bring the murderers in to book, there was a protest in Hyderabad. A large group staged a protest in front of Hyderabad Police demanding death penalty to the murderers.

Three Police Officers were interdicted when the relatives of the victim complained that the Police did not take quick action to investigate her disappearance.

Amid the protests Police could apprehend the 4 suspects and were under detention. Police took them to the scene of murder to establish the case and they tried to grab the weapons of the Police and evade. In retaliation Police had opened fire as a result of which all the suspects died.

The Neighbors were celebrating the death by lighting crackers.