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Why did Usman Khan stabbe people..?

2019-12-02 5667


ISIS Terorists have undertaken the responsibility of London attack..!


28 years old, Usman Khan stabed few people on the London bridge last Friday killing two people and injuring few. The assassin was serving a jaile term for carring out terrorist activities. Polioce shot dead him in the effort to surrender him.

Subsequently ISIS had undertaken the responsibility of the attack in their web site “AMBAA”.

It further said…..

“The person who carried out this attack is a militant attached to ISIS. He had carried out this as a retaliation of the attackes carried out by the Joint Alliance”

Along with the attcke, the British government has desided to revice their policy of early releasing of Prisoners.

“ We should abolish the law of early release” , emphasized Prime Minister Boris Jonson.

There are 70 suspected Terorosists in the United Kingdom who had been freed on whom a firm decision should be taken.

He was serving an imprisonment for engaging in the bomb attack on the London Stock Exchange in 2012.

Usman was released on few conditions which included undergoing complusory rehabilitation. Police had fixed a GPS tool to trace his movements and he somehow managed to escape and carry out this brutal mudeers.